Student Organizations

Emory Law has numerous student-run public interest organizations that provide opportunities to participate in public service activities with other law students and with attorneys in the community.

Below is a list of organizations that provide opportunities in public interest law. For a list of all student organizations, click here.

Emory Public Interest Committee

The Emory Public Interest Committee (EPIC) is Emory's most prominent public interest student group. EPIC was formed in 1989 by students committed to making public interest jobs accessible to Emory Law students. Each year, EPIC successfully undertakes a major fundraising effort that provides summer grants for students who accept volunteer positions or clerkships in public interest organizations. EPIC also hosts an annual public interest conference, plans regular school-sponsored service days and initiated an annual student-led spring break volunteer trip.

Asian American Law Students Association 

The Asian American Law Students Association, in its formative stages at Emory Law, provides educational programs about other legal systems and explores prospective employment and networking opportunities with the Asian community.

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy is a national organization of law students, law professors, lawyers and judges concerned about the conservative orthodoxy in American law and politics. The mission of the American Constitution Society is to restore to their rightful place in American law the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality and access to justice.

Black Law Students Association 

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) articulates and advocates the needs and goals of black law students, focuses on the relationships of black attorneys to the American legal structure and brings legal training to bear on the problems of the black community. BLSA plans several projects each year to address its areas of concern.

Emory OutLaw

Emory OutLaw is an organization in the law school open to all students that addresses the legal concerns of the gay, lesbian and bisexual community and advocates equal and dignified participation of gay people in the law school community. The group holds regular meetings and social events and hosts speakers.

Environmental Law and Conservation Society

The Environmental Law Society brings together students interested in environmental law and policy, and organizes programs and projects such as lobbying, lectures, trips, curricula, a newsletter, recycling and energy conservation.

Health Law Society

The Health Law Society promotes the exchange of ideas in the area of health law to the students and faculty of the School of Law and Emory University via lectures and panels. The Health Law Society also disseminates information concerning legal and policy decisions affecting health law.

Immigration Law Society 

The Immigration Law Society is a student-run association dedicated to meeting the need for greater awareness, support, and dissemination of timely information that relates to current federal immigration laws and policies to members of the Emory University community and those individuals seeking asylum, temporary or permanent residency or citizenship in the United States. The Immigration Law Society seeks to bring together immigration law attorneys and judges, Atlanta-area law students, legal workers and community advocates to serve the growing Metropolitan Atlanta immigrant population.

International Law Society

The International Law Society seeks to promote awareness of world issues in relation to the legal profession. The society has members who are interested in both private and public international law. Activities include lectures on general international topics or on practicing international law, communications with Atlanta international organizations, and searches for career opportunities in international law.

Legal Association for Women Students 

Legal Association for Women Students (LAWS) encourages increased awareness and discussion of legal issues concerning women and challenges facing women in the law. LAWS invites judges, politicians, lawyers and professors to speak on a broad range of topics such as health law, domestic violence, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, feminist legal theory and the particular challenges facing women in the legal marketplace. Other activities include a mentoring program pairing law students with local Emory alumnae, a brown bag lunch series with professors and a seminar on developing communications skills. LAWS also sponsors an annual fundraiser to aid a local rape crisis center and battered women's shelter.

South Asian Law Students Association

The mission of the South Asian Law Students Association is to serve the South Asian community through community service; to promote an understanding and appreciation of South Asian political, legal and social issues; to develop relationships among all Emory students, the greater South Asian community and Atlanta; and to expand Emory's diversity initiatives by being a resource for potential incoming South Asian and other minority law students.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides free legal counseling to current Emory students, staff and faculty. The law student caseworker associates provide this service on a walk-in basis every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.