Emory Law offers a wide variety of courses that cover many types of public interest law.

Note: Because many classes do not fall neatly within one of these categories, some classes are listed under more than one category.

Administrative Law

  • Administrative Law
  • Food and Drug Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Regulation of Nonprofit Organizations

Child Law

  • Education Law
  • Kids in Conflict
  • Juvenile Law
  • Seminar: Public Education Law and Policy
  • Advocacy for Children in the 21st Century: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Policy Development

Constitutional Law

  • Civil Rights Litigation
  • Religious Faith and Liberal Democracy
  • Constitutional Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process
  • Constitutional Law: Religion and State
  • Constitutional Law
  • Constitutional Law II
  • Constitutional Litigation
  • The First Amendment
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Election Law: The Law of Democracy
  • American Legal History: Citizenship and Race
  • Seminar: Issues in Free Speech
  • Seminar: What we owe to animals
  • Seminar: Constitutional Remedies

Criminal Law

  • Criminal Litigation
  • Criminal Procedure I: Investigations
  • Criminal Procedure II: Adjudication
  • Criminal Procedure Investigation Workshop
  • International Criminal Law
  • Capital Defender Workshop
  • Kids in Conflict
  • White Collar Crime
  • White Collar Crime Workshop
  • Seminar: Victimless Crimes
  • Transnational Criminal Practice

Environmental/Natural Resources Law

  • Transactional Environmental Law
  • Environmental Advocacy Workshop
  • Environmental Law
  • Health Law
  • Law and Biodiversity
  • Land Use
  • Law of International Common Spaces
  • Public Lands and Natural Resources Law
  • Seminar: Environmental Law: Urban Environmental Law and Policy
  • Seminar: Law and Medicine
  • Water Resources Law Workshop

Gender Law

  • Feminist Legal Theory
  • Gender and Law
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Seminar: Sexuality and Gender

Human Rights Law

  • American Legal History: Citizenship and Race
  • International Human Rights
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Seminar: Key Issues in Human Rights

International Law

  • International Criminal Law
  • International Human Rights
  • International Law
  • Law of International Common Spaces
  • International Trade Law and Policy
  • Law of International Institutions
  • Transnational Criminal Practice
  • World Law

Labor and Employment Law

  • Disability Discrimination in Employment
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Seminar: Labor Arbitration
  • Workers Compensation

Poverty Law

  • Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty and Disadvantage
  • Seminar: Federal Housing Policies and Homelessness
  • Seminar: Social Welfare Policy