Public Interest Awards

Outstanding 3L Student Award

Each year the law school recognizes a third-year student for outstanding commitment to public service/pro bono work while in law school.

Past award recipients include:

  • Stacy Tolos 10L
  • Danielle Goldstone 09L and Megan Ross Pulsts 09L
  • Laura Settlemyer 08L
  • Jordana Rubel 07L
  • Jason Costa 06L
  • Haley Schwartz 05L
  • Suzannah Pogue 04L
  • Neal Cohen 03L and Erin Englebrecht 03L

Dean's Public Service Awards

The Dean's Public Service Awards single out for special recognition a number of law students who have contributed to public service at the law school.

Pro Bono Awards

All students who work a minimum of 25 pro bono hours during the academic year receive certificates and invitations to the annual celebration of pro bono work. Graduating seniors who work a minimum of 75 hours over their three years at Emory receive medals and special recognition in the graduation program.

A. James Elliott Community Service Award

This is awarded annually to the law school graduate who has demonstrated the greatest commitment to community service while at the law school.

Past recipients include:

  • Jessica Duncan Felfoldi
  • Steven David Weyer 10L
  • Currey Hitchens 09L