Volume 62

Volume 62, Issue 1 (2012)


Susan R. Klein & Ingrid B. Grobey, Debunking Claims of Over-Federalization of Criminal Law

Mark L. Rienzi, The Constitutional Right Not to Kill


D. Barret Broussard, Principles for Passion Killing: An Evolutionary Solution to Manslaughter Mitigation

Michelle Z. Marchiony, Making Debt Pay: Examining the Use of Property Tax Delinquency as a Revenue Source

Volume 62, Issue 2 (2012)


Andrew Guthrie Ferguson, Predictive Policing and Reasonable Suspicion

Simone M. Sepe, Regulating Risk and Governance in Banks: A Contractarian Perspective


Chad Lennon, Accrual and Unusual? Calibrating the Statute of Limitations on Section 1983 Method-of-Execution Challenges

Kristi North, Recess is Over: Granting Miranda Rights to Students Interrogated Inside School Walls

Volume 62, Issue 3 (2013)


Mehrsa Baradaran, How the Poor Got Cut Out of Banking

Meredith M. Render, The Law of the Body


Francesca M. Pisano, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Corporate Charity: Rethinking the Regulations

Elizabeth Redpath, Between Judgment and Law: Full Faith and Credit, Public Policy, and State Records

Volume 62, Issue 4 (2013)

Innovation for the Modern Era: Law, Policy, and Legal Practice in a Changing World

Dana Brakman Reiser, Theorizing Forms for Social Enterprise

Liza Vertinsky, Making Knowledge and Making Drugs? Experimenting with University Innovation Capacity

Martin J. Katz, Facilitating Better Law Teaching—Now

Robert A. Katz & Antony Page, Sustainable Business

James E. Moliterno, The Trouble with Lawyer Regulation

Daniel Martin Katz, Quantitative Legal Prediction—or—How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Preparing for the Data-Driven Future of the Legal Services Industry

James E. Daily & F. Scott Kieff, Anything Under the Sun Made by Humans: Patent Law Doctrines as Endogenous Institutions for Commercializing Innovation

Michael A. Carrier, Increasing Innovation Through Copyright Common Sense and Better Government Policy

Kyle Westaway & Dirk Sampselle, The Benefit Corporation: An Economic Analysis with Recommendations to Courts, Boards, and Legislatures

Joshua D. Sarnoff, Government Choices in Innovation Funding (with Reference to Climate Change)


Simon P. Hansen, Whose Defense Is It Anyway? Redefining the Role of the Legislative Branch in the Defense of Federal Statutes

Suedabeh Walker, Drawing on Daubert: Bringing Reliability to the Forefront in the Admissibility of Eyewitness Identification Testimony

Volume 62, Issue 5 (2013)


Angela M. Banks, The Normative and Historical Cases for Proportional Deportation

Marco Jimenez, Remedial Consilience


Sagiv Edelman, Proxy Advisory Firms: A Guide for Regulatory Reform

Sarah M. Sternlieb, When the Eyes and Ears Become an Arm of the State: The Danger of Privatization Through Government Funding of Insular Religious Groups

Volume 62, Issue 6 (2013)


Randy J. Kozel, Precedent and Reliance

Maurice E. Stucke, Looking at the Monopsony in the Mirror


Leah B. Chacon, Long-Term Contracting the Way to Renewable Energy Investment: Lessons from Brazil Applied to the United States

Jared S. Buszin, Beyond School Finance: Refocusing Education Reform Litigation to Realize the Deferred Dream of Education Equality and Adequacy