Volume 61

Volume 61, Issue 1 (2011)


Robin Kundis Craig, Agencies Interpreting Courts Interpreting Statutes: The Deference Conundrum of a Divided Supreme Court

Wayne A. Logan, Police Mistakes of Law


A. James Spung, From Backpacks to BlackBerries: (Re)Examining New Jersey v. T.L.O. in the Age of the Cell Phone

Brooks A. Suttle, Reframing “Professionalism”: An Integral View of Lawyering’s Lofty Ideals

Volume 61, Issue 2 (2011)


Helen Norton, Campaign Speech Law with a Twist: When the Government Is the Speaker, Not the Regulator

Joshua D. Blank, In Defense of Individual Tax Privacy


Madeline Gwyn, Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms: Irreparable Injury to the National Environmental Policy Act?

Enbar Toledano, Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and Its Place in “Post-Racial” America

Volume 61, Issue 3 (2012)


Jill E. Fisch, The Destructive Ambiguity of Federal Proxy Access

Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, Crime, Punishment, and the Psychology of Self-Control


Elspeth A. Brotherton, Big Brother Gets a Makeover: Behavioral Targeting and the Third-Party Doctrine

Julia Hueckel, Rebalancing Legitimacy and Sovereignty in International Investment Agreements

Volume 61, Issue 4 (2012)

Judging Politics: Judges as Political Actors, Candidates, and Arbiters of the Political

Charles Fried, Balls and Strikes

Douglas NeJaime, The Legal Mobilization Dilemma

Lee Epstein & Andrew D. Martin, Is the Roberts Court Especially Activist? A Study of Invalidating (and Upholding) Federal, State, and Local Laws

Brian Z. Tamanaha, The Several Meanings of “Politics” in Judicial Politics Studies: Why “Ideological Influence” Is Not “Partisanship”

Richard L. Hasen, Anticipatory Overrulings, Invitations, Time Bombs, and Inadvertence: How Supreme Court Justices Move the Law

Guy-Uriel Charles, Daniel L. Chen, & Mitu Gulati, Sonia Sotomayor and the Construction of Merit


Benjamin A. Saidman, Designing Around a Patent Injunction: Developing a Comprehensive Framework for Determining When Contempt Proceedings Are Appropriate

Dustin Sharpes, Reintroducing Intent into Predatory Pricing Law

Volume 61, Special Issue (2012)

Lorre Barbara Cuzze, Foreword


David J. Bederman, Public Law and Custom

Mary Ann Glendon, Religious Freedom—A Second-Class Right?


John Witte, Jr. & Don S. Browning, Christianity’s Mixed Contributions to Children’s Rights: Traditional Teachings, Modern Doubts


Robert B. Ahdieh, A Man in Full

Thomas C. Arthur, David Bederman, Model Law Professor

Anthony M. Balloon, Christopher C. Bly, & Rachel King Powell, Teacher, Advocate, Friend: Remembering David Bederman

Kedar S. Bhatia, A Mentor for the Ages

Laurie R. Blank, Tribute

Katherine Brokaw, David Bederman, Master and Commander

Michael J. Broyde, Custom as a Source of Jewish Law: Some Religious Reflections on David J. Bederman’s Custom as a Source of Law

Carter Dillard, The Pirate Hat

Richard D. Freer, Litigator and Scholar

Michael J. Perry, Encomium

Polly J. Price, The Classical Foundations of David Bederman

Judith B. Prowda, David J. Bederman: A Tribute

Charles Shanor, Tribute

George Shepherd, David Bederman as Mentor and Model

Peter D. Trooboff, David Bederman: Remembrances of a Friendship that Began at Covington & Burling LLP in Washington, D.C.

Johan D. van der Vyver, Tribute: David Bederman

Frank J. Vandall, ¡Cuba Sí!: A Tribute to Professor David Bederman and a Letter to President Obama

Volume 61, Issue 5 (2012)


Timothy R. Holbrook, Territoriality and Tangibility After Transocean

William M. Carter, Jr., The Paradox of Political Power: Post-Racialism, Equal Protection, and Democracy


Sean J. Griffith, Governing Systemic Risk: Towards a Governance Structure for Derivatives Clearinghouses


Joseph Kiefer, Turning over a New Sprout: Promoting Agricultural Health by Fostering the Coexistence of Organic and Genetically Modified Crops in the Wake of Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms and the Deregulation of Modified Alfalfa

Adam Reinke, Reversing the Perversion: Interpreting ERISA to Protect Employees Who Report Violations of Federal Law to Their Managers

Volume 61, Issue 6 (2012)


Jason M. Solomon, The Political Puzzle of the Civil Jury

Ashira Pelman Ostrow, Land Law Federalism


Andrea Wood, Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Confining Juveniles with Adults After Graham and Miller

Andrew McKinley, Testing Our Teachers