Volume 57

Volume 57, Issue 1 (2007)

The New Federalism: Plural Governance in a Decentered World


Robert B. Ahdieh, From Federalism to Intersystemic Governance: The Changing Nature of Modern Jurisdiction

Judith Resnik, Foreign as Domestic Affairs: Rethinking Horizontal Federalism and Foreign Affairs Preemption in Light of Translocal Internationalism

Ernest A. Young, Toward a Framework Statute for Supranational Adjudication

Robert A. Schapiro, Federalism as Intersystemic Governance: Legitimacy in a Post-Westphalian World

Mark Tushnet, Judicial Enforcement of Federalism-Based Constitutional Limitations: Some Skeptical Comparative Observations

William W. Buzbee, Interaction's Promise: Preemption Policy Shifts, Risk Regulation, and Experimentalism Lessons

Charles H. Koch, Jr., The Devolution of Implementing Policymaking in Network Governments

David J. Bederman, Diversity and Permeability in Transnational Governance

Robert B. Ahdieh, From Federal Rules to Intersystemic Governance in Securities Regulation


Jessica Leigh Rosenthal, The Interactive Process Disabled: Improving the ADA and Strengthening the EEOC Through the Adoption of the Interactive Process

Holly M. Sharp, The Day the Music Died: How Overly Extended Copyright Terms Threaten the Very Existence of Our Nation's Earliest Musical Works


Volume 57, Issue 2 (2007)


Adam Benforado & Jon Hanson, The Great Attributional Divide: How Divergent Views of Human Behavior are Shaping Legal Policy

Barak Y. Orbach, Indirect Free Riding on the Wheels of Commerce: Dual-Use Technologies and Copyright Liability


C. Jordan Myers, Learning to Live with Jones v. Flowers: A “New Wrinkle” For an Old Standard


Volume 57, Issue 3 (2008)


Adam Benforado & Jon Hanson, Naive Cynicism: Maintaining False Perceptions in Policy Debates

Thomas R. Lee, Glenn L. Christensen & Eric D. DeRosia, Trademarks, Consumer Psychology, and the Sophisticated Consumer


Juhi Kaveeshvar, Kicking the Rock & the Hard Place to the Curb: An Alternative and Integrated Approach to Suicidal Students in Higher Education

Carlissa R. Carson, The Military Commissions Act of 2006: How its Inability to Curb Abusive Interrogations Threatens the Future Treatment of Detainees and the United States Reputation


Volume 57, Issue 4 (2008)


Thomas A. Piraino, Jr., The Antitrust Analysis of Joint Ventures after the Supreme Court's Daugher Decision

Frederick Tung, The New Death of Contract: Creeping Corporate Fiduciary Duties for Creditors

DEBATE: Saving the World with Corporate Law?

Kent Greenfield, Proposition: Saving the World with Corporate Law

D. Gordon Smith, Response: The Dystopian Potential of Corporate Law


Jordon T. Stringer, Criminalizing Voter Suppression: The Necessity of Restoring Legitimacy in Federal Elections and Reversing Disillusionment in Minority Communities

Elisabeth Bassett, Reform Through Exposure


Volume 57, Issue 5 (2008)


Adam Benforado & Jon Hanson, Legal Academic Backlash: The Response of Legal Theorists to Situationist Insights

Janet Koven Levit, Bottom-Up Lawmaking Through a Pluralist Lens:The ICC Banking Commission and the Transnational Regulation of Letters of Credit


Frank B. Cross, Thomas A. Smith & Antonio Tomarchio, The Reagan Revolution in the Network of Law


Sarah Tope Reise, “Just Say No” to Pro-Drug and Alcohol Student Speech: The Constitutionality of School Prohibitions of Student Speech Promoting Drug and Alcohol Use

Andrea Vanina Arias, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Swords and Armor: Regulating the Theft of Virtual Goods

Amber Leigh Bagley, “An Era of Human Zoning”: Banishing Sex Offenders from Communities Through Residence and Work Restrictions


Volume 57, Issue 6 (2008)


John Witte, Jr. & Frank S. Alexander, Foreword

Frank S. Alexander, The Conviction of Things Not Seen: A Tribute to Hal Berman

David J. Bederman, The Customary Law of Hal and Ruth

Michael J. Broyde, The Hidden Influence of Jewish Law on the Common Law: One Lost Example

William E. Butler, Professor Harold Berman (1918-2007)

W. Cole Durham, Jr., Revivifying the Field of Law and Religion

Edward McGlynn Gaffney, Jr., In Memory of an Interactive Pioneer, Harold Joseph Berman (1918-2007)

Peter Hay, Harold Berman and Conflicts Law—An Appreciation

John T. Noonan, Jr., In Praise of Harold J. Berman

Boris Ossipian, How Professor Harold Joseph Berman Became My Teacher and Friend

Michael Perry, In Memory of Professor Harold Berman

John Quigley, In Memory of Professor Harold Berman

Yuri Senokosov, Harold Berman At the Moscow School of Political Studies

David Sun, In Memory of Professor Harold Berman

Detlev F. Vagts, Harold Berman and Soviet Law: From Its Challenge to the West to Dissolution

Tibor Varady, Harold Berman—An Empathy For Difference That Made All the Difference

Lloyd W. Weinreb, In Memory of Professor Harold Berman

John Witte, Jr., A Tribute to Harold J. Berman

Reinhard Zimmermann, Harold Berman: Some Personal Reflections


David A. Skeel, Jr., The Unbearable Lightness of Christian Legal Scholarship

John Witte, Jr., Prophets, Priests, and Kings: John Milton and the Reformation of Rights and Liberties in England


Eric R. Swibel, Churches and Campaign Intervention: Why the Tax Man is Right and How Congress Can Improve His Reputation