Volume 55

Volume 55, Issue 1 (2006)


Oliver A. Houck, Things Fall Apart: A Constitutional Analysis of Legislative Exclusion

Jay P. Kesan & Andres A. Gallo, Why “Bad” Patents Survive in the Market and How Should We Change?—The Private and Social Costs of Patents

William J. Carney, The Costs of Being Public After Sarbanes-Oxley: The Irony of “Going Private”


Joshua L. Shapiro, Corporate Media Power, Corruption, and the Media Exemption

Sara Tindall Ghazal, Regulating Nonconnected 527s: Unnecessary, Unwise, and Inconsistent with the First Amendment


Volume 55, Issue 2 (2006)


Alan K. Chen, The Facts About Qualified Immunity

David A. Dana, Adequacy of Representation After Stephenson: A Rawlsian/Behavioral Economics Approach to Class Action Settlements


D. Scott Bennett, Chimera and the Continuum of Humanity: Erasing the Line of Constitutional Personhood

Eileen Hintz Rumfelt, Political Speech: Priceless—MasterCard v. Nader and the Intersection of Intellectual Property and Free Speech


Volume 55, Issue 3 (2006)


Daniel A. Crane, Mixed Bundling, Profit Sacrifice, and Consumer Welfare

C. Douglas Floyd, The Inadequacy of the Interstate Commerce Justification for the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005


David J. Weiner, Assignee Liability in State Predatory Lending Laws: How Uncapped Punitive Damages Threaten the Secondary Mortgage Market


Volume 55, Issue 4 (2006)


Donald Braman & Dan M. Kahan, Overcoming the Fear of Guns, the Fear of Gun Control, and the Fear of Cultural Politics: Constructing a Better Gun Debate

William B. Gould IV, Kissing Cousins?: The Federal Arbitration Act and Modern Labor Arbitration

Kay L. Levine, The Intimacy Discount: Prosecutorial Discretion, Privacy, and Equality in the Statutory Rape Caseload


W. Aaron Vandiver, Checking Ideas at the Border: Evaluating the Possible Renewal of Ideological Exclusion