Volume 54

Volume 54, Issue 1 (2005)



Steven L. Chanenson, The Next Era of Sentencing Reform

Stacey L. Dogan & Mark A. Lemley, The Merchandising Right: Fragile Theory or Fait Accompli?

Eric Goldman, Deregulating Relevancy in Internet Trademark Law

Michael H. LeRoy, Pox Americana? Vaccinating More Emergency Doctors for Smallpox: A Law and Economics Approach to Work Conditions


Heather M. Good, “The Forgotten Child of Our Constitution”: The Parental Free Exercise Right to Direct the Education and Religious Upbringing of Children

Eli J. Kay-Oliphant, Considering Race in American Immigration Jurisprudence

Deepa Nayini, The Toxic Convertible: Establishing Manipulation in the Wake of Short Sales


Volume 54, Issue 2 (2005)


Dorothy A. Brown, The Tax Treatment of Children: Separate But Unequal

William O. Fisher, Does the Efficient Market Theory Help Us Do Justice in a Time of Madness?

Barry P. McDonald, Government Regulation or Other “Abridgements” of Scientific Research: The Proper Scope of Judicial Review Under the First Amendment


Bradford K. Gathright, A Step in the Wrong Direction: The Loewen Finality Requirement and the Local Remedies Rule in NAFTA Chapter Eleven

Sarah L. Thomas, A Legislative Challenge: A Proposed Model Statute to Provide For the Appointment of Counsel in State Habeas Corpus Proceedings For Indigent Petitioners

Shannon S. Venable, A Call to Action: Georgia Must Adopt New Standard of Care, Licensure, Reimbursement, and Privacy Laws For Telemedicine


Volume 54, Issue 3 (2005)

Families in the 21st Century: Changing Dynamics, Institutions, and Policies

Lucy S. McGough, Introduction


Frank S. Alexander, The Housing of America’s Families: Control, Exclusion, and Privilege

Nancy E. Dowd, Fathers and the Supreme Court: Founding Fathers and Nurturing Fathers

Theodore R. Marmor, The Presidential Election of 2004, the Politics of American Social Policy, and What Readers Interested in Family Policy Might Make of the Idea of New Social Risks

Dorothy E. Roberts, Privatization and Punishment in the New Age of Reprogenetics

Marc Spindelman, Homosexuality’s Horizon


Suzanne L. McRobbie, Move Over Work Product—It’s Time for Some Real Discovery: A Call for a Cost-Allocating Amendment to Rule 26(b)3

D. Scott Anderson, What Trust Is in These Times? Examining the Foundation of Online Trust


Volume 54, Issue 4 (2005)


Ethan G. Stone, Adhering to the Old Line: Uncovering the History and Political Function of the Unrelated Business Income Tax

Iman Anabtawi, Explaining Pay Without Performance: The Tournament Alternative

Philip Hamburger, Religious Freedom in Philadelphia


Kurt G. Kastorf, Logrolling Gets Logrolled: Same-Sex Marriage, Direct Democracy, and the Single Subject Rule

Melissa J. Mitchell, Cleaning Out the Closet: Using Sunset Provisions to Clean Up Cluttered Criminal Codes