Recent Developments

The Emory International Law Review's Recent Developments section highlights timely topics in international law. Because these issues are rapidly evolving, the Review posts these Articles online before they are compiled into our printed issues.


Volume 27, Issue 2:

George White, Landlubbers as Pirates: The Lack of "High Seas" Requirement for the Incitement and Intentional Facilitation of Piracy

Damon V. Pike, The Federal Circuit Stumbles: U.S. Customs Gets "Green Light" for Indefinite Indecision on Importer Protests

Volume 27, Issue 1:

Marcelo Dias Varella, Central Aspects of the Debate on the Complexity of International Law

Edward L. Carter, Argentina's Right To Be Forgotten

Volume 26, Issue 2:

Timothy R. Holbrook, The Potential Extraterritorial Consequences of Akamai

Marketa Trimble, GAT, SOLVAY, and the Centralization of Patent Litigation in Europe

Antonia F. Pereira & Silas W. Allard, Looking To Fill an International Regulatory Gap: Brazil Brings the Issue of Exchange Rates and Trade Before the World Trade Organization

Maria Angela Jardim de Santa Cruz Oliveira & Nuno Garoupa, Stare Decisis and Certiorari Arrive to Brazil: A Comparative Law and Economics Approach

Volume 26, Issue 1:

Johan D. van der Vyver, State Interference in the Internal Affairs of Religious Institutions

Michael Bochenek & Kyle Knight, Establishing a Third Gender Category in Nepal: Process and Prognosis

Jordan J. Paust, Constitutionality of U.S. Participation in the United Nations-Authorized War in Libyafileadmin/journals/eilr/26/26.1/Paust.pdf

Trynie Boezaart, Protecting the Reproductive Rights of Children and Young Adults with Disabilities: The Roles and Responsibilities of the Family, the State, and Judicial Decision-Making

Volume 25, Issue 3:

Lara M. Pair & Paul Frankenstein, The New ICC Rule on Consolidation: Progress or Change?fileadmin/journals/eilr/25/25.3/Pair_Frankenstein.pdf