Volume 25, Issue 1 (2011)


David J. Bederman, 25 Years of Student Scholarship and Editorship for the Emory International Law Review


John Witte, Jr. & Nina-Louisa Arold, Lift High the Cross?: Contrasting the New European and American Cases on Religious Symbols on Government Property

Adam Linkner, How Salazar v. Buono Synthesizes the Supreme Court’s Establishment Clause Precedent into a Single Test

Andrea Pin, Public Schools, the Italian Crucifix, and the European Court of Human Rights: The Italian Separation of Church and State


Phoenix X.F. Cai, Making WTO Remedies Work for Developing Nations: The Need for Class Actions

Rex D. Glensy, The Use of International Law in U.S. Constitutional Adjudication

John D. Haskell, Hugo Grotius in the Contemporary Memory of International Law: Secularism, Liberalism, and the Politics of Restatement and Denial

Ilan Saban, Theorizing and Tracing the Legal Dimensions of a Control Framework: Law and the Arab-Palestinian Minority in Israel’s First Three Decades (1948–1978)

Dustin N. Sharp, Requiem for a Pipedream: Oil, The World Bank, and the Need for Human Rights Assessments

Huma T. Yasin, Playing Catch-up: Proposing the Creation of Status-Based Regulations to Bring Private Military Contractor Firms Within the Purview of International and Domestic Law


Janelle L. Cornwall, It Was the First Strike of Bloggers Ever: An Examination of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights as Italian Bloggers Take a Stand Against the Alfano Decree

Christina Lembo, FIFA Transfer Regulations and UEFA Player Eligibility Rules: Major Changes in European Football and the Negative Effect on Minors

Joanna MacMillan, Reformasi and Public Corruption: Why Indonesia’s Anti-corruption Agency Strategy Should Be Reformed to Effectively Combat Public Corruption

Mindy Pava, The Cuban Conundrum: Proposing an International Trademark Registry for Well-Known Foreign Marks

Anand Sithian, “But the Americans Made Me Do It!”: How United States v. UBS Makes the Case for Executive Exhaustion

Christina Weston, The Enforcement Loophole: Judgment-Recognition Defenses as a Loophole to Corporate Accountability for Conduct Abroad


Laurie R. Blank, Principles of Counter-Terrorism Law