Volume 23

Volume 23, Issue 1 (2009)


The Emory Declaration on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

President Jimmy Carter, Opening Remarks

Shirin Ebadi, Keynote Address: Islam, Human Rights, and Iran

Upendra Baxi, Keynote Address: Does Life Indeed Begin At Sixty? Revisiting the UDHR as a "Single Garment of Destiny" in a Hyperglobalizing World

Natsu Taylor Saito, Human Rights, American Exceptionalism, and the Stories We Tell

L. Bennett Graham, Defamation of Religions: The End of Pluralism?

Johan D. van der Vyver, The Environment: State Sovereignty, Human Rights, and
Armed Conflict

Pamela Scully, Vulnerable Women: A Critical Reflection on Human Rights
Discourse and Sexual Violence

Sam Cook, Security Council Resolution 1820: On Militarism, Flashlights, Raincoats, and Rooms With Doors (A Political Perspective on Where It Came From and What It Adds)

Mohamed Y. Mattar, Access to International Criminal Justice For Victims of Violence Against Women Under International Family Law


James F.F. Carroll, Back to the Future: Redefining the Foreign Investment and National Security Act’s Conception of National Security

Sean Libby, [D]efective Control: Problems Arising From the Application of Non-Military Command Responsibility By the International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda

Leslie A. Powell, User Fee or Tax: Does Diplomatic Immunity From Taxation Extend to New York City’s Proposed Congestion Charge?

Sam Singer, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the Private Equity Era: Extracting a Hidden Element

Brian Spielman, An Evaluation of Russia’s Impending Claim For Continental Shelf Expansion: Why Rule 5 Will Shelve Russia’s Submission


Volume 23, Issue 2 (2009)


Lama Abu-Odeh, On Law and the Transition to Market: The Case of Egypt

Okezie Chukwumerije, Rhetoric Versus Reality: The Link Between the Rule of Law and Economic Development

Carolyn Evans, Constitutional Narratives: Constitutional Adjudication on the Religion Clauses in Australia and Malaysia

Timothy P. Terrell, Professionalism on an International Scale: The Lex Mundi Project to Identify the Fundamental Shared Values of Law Practice

John Witte, Jr. & M.Christian Green, Religious Freedom, Democracy, and International Human Rights


Craig Nydick, The British Invasion (of Privacy): DNA Databases in the United Kingdom and United States in the Wake of the Marper Case

Eric Retter, You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, but We Might Not Let You Leave: Cuba’s Travel Policy in the Wake of Signing the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Nathaniel Smith, Piratical Jurisdiction: The Plundering of Due Process in the Case of Lei Shi

E. Rainbow Willard, How to Get Less Than You Bargain For: Adjudicating the Guatemala–Belize Territorial Dispute at the I.C.J.

Amanda N. Wilson , Jet-Setting Orphan Works: The Transnational Making Available of Works of Unknown Authorship, Anonymous Works, or Lost Authors


Natan Lerner, From ILO Standards to EU Law: The Case of Equality Between Men and Women at Work