Volume 22

Volume 22, Issue 1 (2008)


Dean David F. Partlett, A Tribute to Harold Berman

Harold J. Berman, Introduction to the World Law Institute

Thomas Murray, World Law and the World Law Institute

Dorothy Toth Beasley, Introduction to Judge Navanethem Pillay

Judge Navanethem Pillay, Keynote Address: Protection of the Health of Women Through International Criminal Law: How Can International Criminal Law Contribute to Efforts to Improve the Health of Women?

President Mary Robinson, Women's Right to Health: A Conversation

Lawrence O. Gostin, Global Health Law Governance

William H. Foege, The Role of Charitable Foundations in the Protection of Women's Health in Least Developed and Developing Countries

Bonita Meyersfeld, Domestic Violence, Health, and International Law

Christa Rautenbach, Some Comments on a New Legislative Framework for Female Traditional Healers in South Africa

Tibor Varady, On Tying Ideals to Some Meaning and Introduction of President Madl

President Ferenc Mádl, Health and Human Rights in the European Union

David P. Fidler, Gender Politics, Gender Paradox: Establishing and Implementing Global Standards for the Promotion and Protection of Women's Health

Mark Rosenberg, A New Threat to the Health of Women and Their Families: The Global Epidemic of Road Traffic Injuries

President Jimmy Carter, The Role of The Carter Center

Susannah Sirkin, "One By One Makes a Bundle": Action Through Legal, Medical, and Public Health Partnering

James Curran, An Evaluation of the Contribution of the Conference

David J. Bederman, An Evaluation of the Contribution of the Conference


Daniel N. Adams, Back to Basics: The Predestined Failure of NAFTA Chapter 19 and Its Lessons for the Design of International Trade Regimes

Ambar Carvalho, The Sliding Scale Approach to Protecting Nonresident Immigrants Against the Use of Excessive Force in Vilation of the Fourth Amendment

Laura S. Huffman, A Comparative Review of Foreign Direct Investment Policies for Telecom Services in the United States, India, and Australia: Why Back to the Multilateral Future is the Best Choice for States, Consumers, and Suppliers

Michael J. Larson, Calling All Consuls: U.S. Supreme Court Divergence from the International Court of Justice and the Shortcomings of Sanchez-Llamas v. Oregon

Matthew Lewis, A Transatlantic Dilemma: A Comparative Review of American and British Hedge Fund Regulation

Nicole S. Thompson, Due Process Problems Caused by Large Disparities in Grants of Asylum: Will New Department of Justice Recommendations Solve the Problem? 



Volume 22, Issue 2 (2008)


John Quigley, President Bush's Directive on Foreigners Under Arrest: A Critique of Medellín v. Texas 

Lucien J. Dhooge, Due Diligence as a Defense to Corporate Liability Pursuant to the Alien Tort Statute

Justin Desautels-Stein, Extraterritoriality, Antitrust, and the Pragmatist Style

Kevin Tuininga, International Commercial Arbitration in Cuba

Jarred Pinkston, Toward a Uniform Interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act: The Role of 9 U.S.C. § 208 in the Arbitral Statutory Scheme


David J. Bederman, The Pirate Code


Matthew Belz, Provisional Application of the Energy Charter Treaty: Kardassopoulos v. Georgia and Improving Provisional Application in Multilateral Treaties

Danielle E. Goldstone, Embracing Impasse: Admissibility, Prosecutorial Discretion, and the Lessons of Uganda for the International Criminal Court

Jessica Jones, India versus the United Nations: The Central Vigilance Commission Act Does Not Satisfy the U.N. Convention Against Corruption

Matthew Reichstein, The Extradition of General Manuel Noriega: An Application of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law to Answer the Question, "If So, Where Should He Go?"

C. Theodora van der Zalm, Protecting the Innocent: Children's Act 38 of 2005 and Customary Law in South Africa--Conflicts, Consequences, and Possible Solutions