Parking Instructions for the EBDJ Symposium

PLEASE NOTE: Where you park is based on how you register.


Registered online and seeking CLEs or judges/clerks: park in the Fishburne Deck.
Enter Emory University at the main gates on North Decatur Road, opposite Emory Village. Turn right immediately onto Fishburne Lane. The Fishburne Deck will be on your right.

To get to Emory Law, exit on the North Decatur Road side of the deck. Walk east towards Clifton Road; the Schwartz Center will be on your left. Follow the sidewalk up Clifton Road along the Schwartz Center towards the light at Gambrell Drive (the Business School is on the left and the Law Library is on the right). Cross Clifton Road at the light. Take the sidewalk to the right of the Law Library and enter the building at the library entrance. You are entering the building on the 2nd floor. An elevator or stairs are to your right. Take them to the 3rd floor.


All other attendees: park at the Fishburne Deck or Lowergate Deck.
Attendees registering the day of the event or not seeking CLEs may park at the Fishburne Deck or the Lowergate Deck, but must pay for their parking.


Parking Validation:
Attendees who register online and are seeking CLEs or judges or clerks will receive a validated parking ticket at registration to use on your way out of the parking deck. If you do not pick up your validated parking ticket, you will be charged for parking.


Maps of Emory Parking Decks:
To view an interactive map of Emory buildings and parking, please click here. Under Quick Links, click on Map Quick Search. Then, at the Building List by Name menu, click Fishburne Parking Deck (3260) or Lowergate Parking Deck (3250).