Volume 28 (2011 - 2012)

Volume 28, Issue 1


Merriam Mikhail, Introduction

Bill Runge, Tribute

Bryan Marsal, Acceptance Remarks

Tony Alvarez, Acceptance Remarks


Stephen J. Lubben, The Chapter 11 Financial Advisors

Tiffany R. Harper, Gelding the Lily: How the Bankruptcy Code’s Promotion of Marriage Leaves it Impotent

Anthony Sexton, Indubitably Uncertain: Philadelphia Newspapers and the Role of Valuation Uncertainty in Attempted Cramdown of All-Equity Plans


Hannah Heck, Solving Insolvent Public Pensions: The Limitations of the Current Bankruptcy Option

Merriam Mikhail, Extra! Extra!: Philadelphia Newspapers Jeopardizes Credit Bidding

Daniel A. Nolan IV, A “Fundamental” Problem: The Vulnerability of Intellectual Property Licenses in Chapter 15 and the Meaning of § 1506

Mantas Valiunas, Anything But Automatic: Dismissal Under § 521


Volume 28, Issue 2


Jeremy Zisholtz, Introduction

Dean Robert Schapiro, Welcome

Scott Alberino, The Honorable Judith Fitzgerald, Scott Greenberg, Gary Marsh, The Corporate Bankruptcy Panel: Hot Chapter 11 Plan Issues

Bernard Bo Bollinger, Daniel Bussel, The Honorable James E. Massey, Stern v. Marshall Panel

Brian Cahn, Adam Goodman, Karen Visser, Melissa Youngman, The Consumer Bankruptcy Panel: Hot Consumer Bankruptcy Plan Issues


Polina Kushelev, An International Approach to Breaking the Core of the Bankruptcy Code and FAA Conflict

Kent L. Richland, Stern v. Marshall: A Dead-End Marathon?


Timothy A. Davis, Defining the Close Nexus: An Analysis of a Bankruptcy Court’s Chapter 11 Postconfirmation Jurisdiction

Anthony McCready, Strip-Off: What Is the Correct Procedure to Avoid a Wholly Unsecured Junior Mortgage?

Forrest Pearce, Bankruptcy-Remote Special Purpose Entities and a Business’s Right to Waive Its Ability to File for Bankruptcy

Matthew D. Pechous, Walking the Tight Rope and Not the Plank: A Proposed Standard for Second-Level Appellate Review of Equitable Mootness Determinations

Nick Sears, Defeating the Preference System: Using the Subsequent New Value Defense and Administrative Expense Claims to “Double Dip”

Becker McKay Wyckoff, They’re Just Letting Anyone In These Days: The Expansion of § 523(a)(5)’s “Domestic Support Obligation” Exception to Discharge