Volume 27, Issue 2


Christopher M. Broussard, Introduction

Dean David Partlett, Welcome

The Honorable Margaret Mahoney, The Honorable John K. Olson, Professor Trish Redmond, Richard Thomson, Peter Ticktin, The Consumer Bankruptcy Panel: A Brave New World (of Foreclosure)—New Hazards Plaguing Mortgages and Their Collective Impact on Consumer Bankruptcy

Professor Jessica Gabel, Tom Hall, Alan Kornberg, Gary Marsh, Professor Jack Williams, The Corporate Bankruptcy Panel: Fraudulent Conveyances—More Than Just a Theoretical Risk in Structuring Loans and Guarantees

Dean A. James Elliott, The Honorable Wendy L. Hagenau, Jenny Mittelman, James S. Rankin, Jr., The Honorable Alan S. Trust, The Ethics Panel: If I Knew Then What I Know Now—Lessons in Ethics and Professional Responsibility for New Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practitioners


Jeffrey B. Ellman & Daniel J. Merrett, Pensions and Chapter 9: Can Municipalities Use Bankruptcy to Solve Their Pension Woes?

Jessica D. Gabel, The Terrible TOUSAs: Opinions Test the Patience of Corporate Lending Practices

Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos, Bankruptcy Veil-Piercing

Edo Royker, Foreign Patents Under U.S. Bankruptcy Code Section 365(n)


Adam I. Adler, Navigating the Morass: A Proposed Uniform Standard to Determine the Revocability of Technical Abandonments

Callen J. Bair, Twisting the Trustee’s “Strong Arm”: Constructive Notice in Section 544(a)(3) Adversary Proceedings

Andrew Stone Mayo, For God and Money: The Place of the Megachurch Within the Bankruptcy Code

Lauren Schwartz, Time Is of the Essence: When Do Tax Claims “Become Payable” Under 11 U.S.C. § 1305(a)(1)?