Volume 26 (2009-2010)

Volume 26, Issue 1


Marguerite Lee De Voll, Introduction

Elizabeth Warren, Acceptance Remarks


Rafael I. Pardo, An Empirical Examination of Access to Chapter 7 Relief by Pro Se Debtors

Stephen J. Lubben, Accidental Convergence: Corporate Reorganization in Two Federal Systems


Miyong Mary Kang, Is It Time to Hang the Hanging Paragraph, 11 U.S.C. § 1325(a)?

Erin Masin, The Patient Care Ombudsman: Taking Cost Out of Patient Care Considerations

Trevor G. Pinkerton, Escaping the Death Spiral of Dues and Debt: Bankruptcy and Condominium Association Debtors

Marguerite Lee De Voll, Neither “Free” nor “Clear”: The Real Costs of In Re PW, LLC: A Look At § 363(f)(3) and How to Protect Creditors


Volume 26, Issue 2


Robert Rhodes, Introduction

The Honorable Paul W. Bonapfel, William Hicks, John Mills, Todd Neilson, The Business Bankruptcy Panel: Ponzi Schemes—Bankruptcy Court v. Federal Court Equity Receivership

The Honorable Mary Grace Diehl, The Honorable Keith M. Lundin, The Honorable Cecelia G. Morris, Professor Jack Williams, The Consumer Bankruptcy Panel: Five Years of BAPCPA

Mark Duedall, Steve Jakubowski, Kevin O’Keefe, Scott Riddle, The Ethics Panel: Ethics 2.0—The Ethical Challenges and Pitfalls Web 2.0 Presents to Bankruptcy Attorneys


Jason A. Pill, UnTill the Footnote Was Written: The Effect of Till v. SCS Credit Corporation on 11 U.S.C. § 1129(b)(2)


Frederick J. Glasgow III, Reclaiming the Defenses to Reclamation

James Winston Kim, Saving Our Future: Why Voluntary Contributions to Retirement Accounts are Reasonable Expenses

Jonathan Azoff, Can One Size Fit All? An Analysis of the Interrelationship Between the “Contemporaneous Exchange” Exception and 11 U.S.C. § 547(e)(2)

Olachi Amadi, Too Indebted to be Stressed: Refining the Standards of Proof Required to Award Damages for Emotional Injuries Under § 362(k)