Volume 25 (2008-2009)

Volume 25, Issue 1


Teresa L. Porter, Introduction

Douglas G. Baird, Acceptance Remarks


Thomas Bak, John Golmant & James Woods, A Comparison of the Effects of the 1978 and 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Legislation on Bankruptcy Filing Rates

Laura B. Bartell, Straddle Obligations under Prepetition Contracts—Prepetition Claims, Postpetition Claims, or Administrative Expenses?

Brad B. Erens, Scott J. Friedman & Kelly M. Mayerfeld, Bankrupt Subsidiaries: The Challenges to the Parent of Legal Separation 


Ashley J. Austin, Food for Thought: The Efficiencies Achieved by Trimming an Industry at Overcapacity through Mergers vs. Chapter 11 Reorganizations

James A. Janaitis, Bankruptcy Collides with Antitrust: The Need for a Prohibition against Using § 1110 Protections Collectively

Jonathon D. Pressley, A New Solution: 11 U.S.C. § 1146(a) and the Ordinary Course of Business Distinction

R. Travis Santos, The Legal Way to Defeat Optimus Sub-Prime


Volume 25, Issue 2


Zachary Lewis, Introduction

Frederick Tung, The Great Bailout of 2008-09

Brett Berlin, Robert LeHane, Richard NeJame, & Todd Meyers, Business Bankruptcy Panel: Hot Topics in Retail Bankruptcy

James Massey,Wendell S. Agee, Richard Thomson, Mary Ida Townson, & R. Jeneane Treace, Consumer Bankruptcy Panel: Attorneys Fees in the Northern District of Georgia


Andrew P. MacArthur, Pay to Play: The Poor’s Problems in the BAPCPA


Dorothy Hubbard Cornwell, To Catch a KERP: Devising a More Effective Regulation Than § 503(c)

Thomas J. Izzo, Projecting the Past: How the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act Has Befuddled § 1325(b) and "Projected Disposable Income"

James P. Terpening III, All or Nothing: Properly Deducting Vehicle Ownership Expenses Under § 707(b)(2)(a)(ii)(i)

Judd M. Treeman, Blessed Be the Name of the Code: How to Protect Churches from Tithe Avoidance Under the Bankruptcy Code’s Fraudulent Transfer Law