Volume 23 (2006-2007)

Volume 23, Issue 1


Dana Yankowitz, Introduction

Senator Tom Daschle, 2006 Distinguished Service Award

Senator Dennis DeConcini, Acceptance Remarks


Joshua M. Silverstein, Hiding in Plain View: A Neglected Supreme Court Decision Resolves the Debate over Non-Debtor Releases in Chapter 11 Reorganizations

Molly F. Jacobson-Greany, Setting Aside Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sales: Extending the Rule to Cover Both Intrinsic and Extrinsic Fraud or Unfairness


Adam E. Cearley, The PBGC: Why the Retiree’s Traditional Life Raft Is Sinking and How to Bail It Out

Dana Yankowitz, "I Could Have Exempted It Anyway": Can a Trustee Avoid a Debtor’s Prepetition Transfer of Exemptible Property?

Elizabeth B. Rose, Chocolate, Flowers, and § 363(b): The Opportunity for Sweetheart Deals Without Chapter 11 Protections

Benjamin F. Davis, IV, "Before the Law Sits a Gatekeeper": Finding Brilliance in the Attorney Liability Provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act

Jessi D. Herman, Pay to Stay, Pay to Perform, or Pay to Go?: Construing the Threshold Terms of § 503(c)(1) and (2)


Volume 23, Issue 2


Michael D. Sousa, Making Sense of the Bramble-Filled Thicket: The "Insured vs. Insured" Exclusion in the Bankruptcy Context

Mark D. Sherrill, To Knock First or Barge Right In: Is a Chapter 11 Committee’s Right to Intervene in Adversary Proceedings Absolute or Permissive?

Brian Rothschild, The Illogic of No Limits on Bankruptcy


Elizabeth B. Rose, Introduction

The Honorable Neil P. Olack, Consumer Bankruptcy Panel: Selected Hot BAPCPA Topics

C. Edward Dobbs, Business Bankruptcy Panel: The Brave New World of Finance


Sarah Keith-Bolden, Down and Out and Now Kicked Out: Residential Lease Evictions and the Automatic Stay

David K. Stein, Wrong Problem, Wrong Solution: How Congress Failed the American Consumer

Ashley H. Wilkes, In re Gucci: The Lack of Goodwill in Matters Regarding Bankruptcy, Trademarks, and High Fashion

Joseph J. Blyskal, III, Levying Flesh and Charging Society, Creditors, and Insurance Companies For It: The Irony of Including Personal Injury Awards in the Bankruptcy Estate