Volume 22 (2005-2006)

Volume 22, Issue 1


David E. Gordon, Introduction

Michael P. Richman, Tribute

Conrad B. Duberstein, Acceptance Remarks


Jason J. Kilborn, Behavioral Economics, Overindebtedness & Comparative Consumer Bankruptcy: Searching for Causes and Evaluating Solutions

Brad B. Erens & Kelly M. Neff, Confidentiality in Chapter 11

Lars S. Smith, General Intangible or Commercial Tort: Moral Rights and State-Based Intellectual Property as Collateral Under U.C.C. Revised Article 9

Eric D. Green, James L. Patton, Jr. & Edwin J. Harron, Future Claimant Trusts and "Channeling Injunctions" to Resolve Mass Tort Environmental Liability in Bankruptcy: The Met-Coil Model


Erin K. Healy, It Depends: Prioritizing Function over Form to Evaluate a Debtor’s Dependency Relationships in Consumer Bankruptcy

David E. Gordon, The Expansion of Deepening Insolvency Standing: Beyond Trustees and Creditors’ Committees

Sheryl A. Kass, Bankruptcy and Low Income Housing: Where Is the Voice of the Tenants?

Ryan J. Donohue, Thou Shalt Not Reorganize: Sacraments for Sale First Amendment Prohibitions and Other Complications of Chapter 11 Reorganization for Religious Institutions

Sommer Nicole Louie, The Inadequacy of Bankruptcy Protection for the Biotechnology Industry


Volume 22, Issue 2


Bertrand Pan & Jennifer Taylor, Sustaining Power: Applying 11 U.S.C. § 366 in Chapter 11 Post-BAPCPA

Laura B. Bartell, The Peripatetic Debtor: Choice of Law and Choice of Exemptions

Wataru Tanaka, Extinguishing Security Interests: Secured Claims in Japanese Business Reorganization Law and Some Policy Implications for U.S. Law

Rafael Efrat, Bankruptcy Stigma: Plausible Causes for Shifting Norms


Sage McKinley Sigler, Introduction

Debate 1: Introduction

R. Neal Batson & Ezra H. Cohen, Debate 1: The Balance of Power Between Debtors, Creditors, and Judges—The Elimination of Judicial Discretion Under the New Act

Debate 2: Introduction

C. David Butler & Frank J. Perch, III, Debate 2: The Ethical Quandary and Financial Disincentives Imposed on Attorneys by the New Act


Jennifer M. D’Angelo, If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: Inclusive Joinder and the Filtering of Article III Status into the Bankruptcy Courts

W. Marion Wilson, Trust Me, I’m a Lawyer: Restoring Faith in Fiduciaries by Dumping "Due Diligence" and Tolling the Statute of Limitations for Postpetition Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Chapter 11

Joshua E. Luber, Letters of Credit and 11 U.S.C. § 502(b)(6): The Full Analysis—Why the Fifth Circuit’s Decision in In re Stonebridge Is Only Part of the Answer

Jennifer Liotta, ERISA Fiduciaries in Bankruptcy: Preserving Individual Liability for Defalcation and Fraud Debts Under 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(4)