Guidelines for All Papers

The faculty has adopted the following MINIMUM standards for all seminar and directed research papers. Individual faculty members may impose additional requirements at their discretion.

CONTENT OF THE PAPER - Every paper must demonstrate the following;

Complete and thorough research of the topic with appropriate and accurate citation to sources used. Research must include reference to (a) primary sources such as case and statutory authority, and (b) secondary materials including but not limited to legislative history materials, law review articles and other works of legal scholarship and non-legal materials where appropriate;

Thorough analysis of the researched materials consistent with the logical development of an overall premise or theme;

Demonstration of original analysis including identification of unresolved issues and suggestions for their resolution, conclusions based upon the analysis of the sources and suggestions for likely future developments where appropriate;

Clear, well organized discussion of the topic with due regard to the fundamentals of good expository writing including conformance with grammatical rules, accurate spelling and punctuation and proper sentence and
paragraph structure.


Papers must be a minimum of 30 pages in length, exclusive of footnotes and bibliography. Papers must be typed double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11" paper with one-inch margins.

Footnotes must conform to the rules of citation found in the Uniform System of Citation. Footnotes must be attached to the end of the paper.

A bibliography of sources must be attached to the paper.

Students must submit a topic outline to the faculty supervisor in accordance with a deadline established by the faculty member.

Several drafts may be required. A substantial draft must be submitted no later than the last day of classes in the semester.

The final paper is due no later than TWO weeks after the last day of examinations in that semester except that graduating students must submit seminar or directed research papers on or before the last day of classes in the semester.

Individual faculty members may vary these requirements at their discretion or impose such additional requirements for outlines, drafts or conferences as they see fit.