Accessing OPUS

Log-on to OPUS


Enter your LoginID and Password and click "Login"

**Note: If you do not have or know your LoginID and password, the ONLY people on Campus that can reset your password is Main Campus Computer Support in Cox Hall. For 1L's this is the account info that was included in your Computing packet that you received during Orientation

  • BL Click "For Students
  • Click "Course/Grade History
  • Click "Search"

Then just select the Term that you want to view.

  • Spring 2005 - Term 5051
  • Fall 2005 - Term 5059
  • Spring 2006 - Term 5061
  • Fall 2006 - Term 5069
  • Spring 2007 - Term 5071
  • Fall 2007 - Term 5079
  • Spring 2008 - Term 5081
  • Fall 2008 - Term 2089

The other way to view your grades is: Instead of selecting Course/Grade History, select Unofficial Transcript and follow the steps listed there.



All OPUS users must have an Emory Network ID and Password. This is the same ID and Password you have used to access InfoCentral, Netscape's Roaming Profiles, and the EMORYUNIV account used to login to workstations in the InfoCommons in Woodruff Library

The Network ID is not necessarily the same as your LearnLink or FirstClass login and password

If you do not remember your Network ID and Password, visit the Customer Support Center at 230 Cox Hall for assistance and be sure to bring your Emory picture ID.

Password Change Please change your Network ID password before logging in to OPUS.

Special information on passwords Students and (most) Faculty

If you are a web user of OPUS, see the login/password information above.

Staff and Faculty
If you are a staff or faculty member and will be accessing OPUS using the Windows/NT PeopleSoft client (and not a web browser), there is more you need to know about using the Network ID and Password.

Refer to Network ID, Password, and password change information above. If you need it, help is available.

You will use your Network ID and Password to access OPUS. The password:

  • must consist of alpha characters and numbers only
  • must begin with an alpha character
  • must be at least 6 characters/numbers, but no more than 8
  • must include at least 2 alpha characters and 1 numeric digit
  • MAY NOT include any special characters (eg., $,@,#,$,%,&,*,+, etc.)
  • Sample valid passwords: emory5k5, jus10tim, im4tunut, doit4me2, me2me2
  • Sample invalid passwords: 5emory2k, y2kisok4u, too#spec, z4chars2many, ab%d%4e, a54312

Upon obtaining and changing your Network ID and Password, wait 15 minutes, then use the USER LOGIN to OPUS to verify your ID/password. Failure to follow these steps before logging into the OPUS client may result in failed processes.