MOST LAW SCHOOL CLASSROOMS are equipped with built-in cameras and ceiling microphones that allow for podcasting upon request. We can also arrange portable recording equipment for rooms not on the ClassCam system. REQUESTS MUST BE MADE BY A FACULTY MEMBER or, in certain cases by student organization directors or law school administrators.  The recording will be scheduled and, after processing, uploaded to our internal iTunesU site (see below.)  There may be a 24-48 hour turnaround on podcasts.  Please visit the link below to see samples of classroom recordings.


ACCESSING INTERNAL iTunesU PODCASTS (requires University log-in):
-Login with your emory i.d. and password
-This will open iTunes and then the Emory iTunesU Store
-click on 'MakeUpClasses' tab (or other appropriate tab)
-double-click on podcast you want to listen to (scroll to the bottom of the list for most recent)
Files can be saved to your computer.

Get iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

Emory University iTunes Public Site
The Law School also posts occasional podcasts to the University's public site.  No log-in required.