To encourage all students from all backgrounds at Emory University School of Law to serve the South Asian community through serving the public interest; understanding and appreciating South Asian political, legal, and social issues; developing relationships among students, the South Asian community, and greater Atlanta; and providing another outlet for Emory University School of Law to expand its diversity initiatives by being a resource for potential incoming South Asian law students. 




Article 1

Any student who wishes to be a member of the Emory South Asian Law Students Association is invited to join.


Article 2

Emory South Asian Law Students Association officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, and Webmaster) will be elected once a year, at the last meeting in the spring.  The Webmaster position must be filled by a student with some experience or ability to update and manage a website.  If no qualified member exists for the IT position, the duty shall fall to the elected Secretary/Treasurer.  The Secretary/Treasurer position shall be split upon an active (attends 2 events or more) membership of at least 25 members and upon the discretion of the entire board, 2/3rd majority vote controls.   


Article 3

This constitution may be amended, by a 2/3 vote of those present and active members (subject to a minimum attendance of 2 events and minimum of 75% of membership).


Article 4

Any funds provided by SBA/SGA to Emory South Asian Law Students Association will be used for non-social events, such as, meetings, forums, guest speaker panels, community service activities, on-campus events (i.e. food fair or chai time), and administrative expenses (i.e. advertising).


Article 5

An officer of the board that does not attend any event or adequately take part of assigned or voluntary duties may be removed upon the unanimous vote of the board.  If position requires replacement, namely the President or Vice President, 2/3 of those present and active members must elect new leadership.  


Article 6

Events must be created to foster the stated mission; these include activities that increase community service, promote South Asian awareness, build relationship amongst students, faculty, and the community, and increase diversity within the school.


Article 7

Students are qualified as members of SALSA after they attend at least two events; one meeting, and one non-social event must be attended.  Once members have fulfilled their membership requirement, they are allowed to put their membership status on their resume. 


Article 8

The Emory South Asian Law Students Association is dedicated to the Emory University equal opportunity policy, which provides that applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran's status, or any factor that is a prohibited consideration under applicable law.