Career Corner

HLS is committed to helping HLS members find jobs for the summer and after graduation. 


HLS's Career Service Advisor is Janet Hutchinson.  To contact her, please email her at Jhutch4(at)

Past Relevant Events:

  1. Mock Interviews
  2. Resume Workshops
  3. Wine & Cheese Networking Event with local law firms.

Useful Links:

  1. PRLDEF's Corporate Council Summer Placement - PRLDEF places Hispanic students in Corporate Council offices for the summer.  These internships are paid and a great opportunity for 1Ls.
  2. Law Student Union Summer
    1. A 10-week internship for law students combining front-line legal work with grassroots organizing in campaigns by AFL-CIO unions in various regions of the country.
    2. Participating students will receive a weekly stipend of $550; transportation and housing expenses also are covered.
    3. Requirements: Must have demonstrated an interest in labor law; students who have taken one or more labor law courses and who have experience in organizing and community activism are preferred.
    4. Documents needed: application, cover letter, résumé, writing sample, law school transcript and three references (include name, title, address, phone number and e-mail address of references).
  3. The Groom Law Group
    1. For anyone interested in employee benefits law and/or working in D.C. The firm is currently interested in increasing diversity.
    2. The starting pay is $135k/yr , and they are appear to be interested in increasing diversity in their firm.