The events for the 2012-2013 academic year include the following: 

September 21: Intra Grad School Social Networking Event 

September 26, 6:00pm: Screening of documentary on the first Hispanic attorneys to litigate in front of the Supreme Court. Free admission and cocktail party at John Marshall Law School

September 27: LALSA Keg

September 28, 9:00pm: LALSA Bar Review – Havana Club

October 5: LALSA Potluck

October 18, 6:00pm: Prisoner’s of Profit Conference

November 1: GHBA Reception to inaugurate Cuban-American judge, Adalberto Jordan, who was recently appointed to the 11th Circuit Court.

November: How to tackle a law school final

February 16: Panel and Mixer with the Latin Student Organizations of Emory Schools.

March 29: LALSA Salsa night and Mixer

April: Admitted Students Weekend Potluck


.. and much, much more! If you are interested in joining LALSA, please feel free to contact Maria Piva, LALSA's President.