Emory Public Interest Committee (EPIC)

Book and Supplement Sales

The EPIC Book and Study Guide Sales are held at the beginning and middle of each semester.

To volunteer to sort or sell books, contact EPIC's treasurer.


Why Buy From the EPIC Book and Study Guide Sale?

You don't want to pay $130 per textbook multiplied by five classes.

Upperclassmen don't want to continue to store books they'll never read again, especially on topics for which they have no interest.

Nobody likes getting $25 back from the bookstore for a $130 book, and when the new edition comes out or the professor changes the text, you get nothing.

EPIC needs money to pay for its event speakers, lunch at meetings, etc.

What About Old Books?

In the spirit of public interest, and cleaning out our closet, EPIC will donate any books more than one edition older than the current edition in use to Liberian law students.


Because nobody buys them anyway. We've got 7th edition Freers, but he's on to the 9th.

Liberia's justice system is actually modeled after ours, so they use all American textbooks, American secondary sources and even cite our Supreme Court cases in their opinions. The law students have no books basically and no library. So we want to help out!

How Can I Donate?

Drop your books, supplements, study guides, flashcards, etc. in EPIC's donation bins. The bins are located at the bottom of the stairs connecting Gambrell Hall to the law library, just behind the small elevator.


If I donate books, can I get a receipt for my taxes?

Yes you can! Complete the form here and return it to Angela Eyer's mailbox. Her mailbox is #150, next to the law school reception desk. If you have any questions about the form or receiving recognition for your donation, please contact Angela Eyer at abaile5(at)emory.edu, 404-727-6511, or Room 130 in the Emory Law Development Office. After you submit the form, you will receive an acknowledgment letter in the mail.

Remember to keep a copy of this form for your records!