In order to serve all of our members and the community at large, BLSA hosts and co-sponsors well over 50 events each year. We've found that members are more satisfied if they take ownership of the organization by helping to organize and participate in its events. BLSA is like a family, and in every family you've got to help out a little. BLSA is made up of many people with different interests and strengths, so we've developed seven main committees in which members can become involved: Community Service, Professional Development and Alumni Relations, Academic, Social and Public Relations, Pre-Law programming, Fundraising, and Scholarship and Awards Reception. If you're interested in assisting with any of these, contact the committee chair listed here.  Over the years, some members have proposed and executed events that fall outside of these committees, and some have become Emory BLSA traditions. We are open to all ideas, so please contact Elizabeth or Alvin if you have a great idea that doesn't fit into these categories.



Annual Programs 


February Scholarship Banquet

Fall and Spring Lecture Series

Fall Fundraising Event

Pre-Admitted Students Day

Ongoing Programs

Community Service

Mentor-Mentee Program

Saturday Study Sessions

Exam Reviews

BLSA Library and Outline Bank

Professional Development Workshops

And much more...