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BLSA is one of the most active student organizations at Emory University School of Law. In addition, Emory BLSA participates in a regional and national organization. Dues-paying membership and benefits are open to ALL students, regardless of race.

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NBLSA Recruitment and Retention (R&R) Challenge

This is an opportunity for chapters to show their marketing skills. The chapter that obtains the highest percentage membership increase in each region will be recognized at the National Convention in Houston, Texas. Last year, Emory boasted 56 dues-paying members, which represented 90% of the Black population at Emory Law in addition to students from other racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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Members who do not pay dues are welcome to participate in the following:

  • General Body Meetings
  • Events Open To The Student Body
  • Chapter-Led Community Service Events
  • 1L Mentor-Mentee Program
  • Exam Review Sessions
  • 1L Pre/Post-Orientation

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Dues paying members will have additional access to the following:

  • Emory
    • BLSA Lending Library
    • BLSA Outline Bank
    • BLSA 1L website
    • Weekly Study Sessions
    • 1L Scholarship
    • Tee-shirt

    • Fall Academic Retreat
    • Annual Convention
    • Convention Community Service Project
    • Summer and Spring Job Fairs
    • Frederick Douglas Moot Court Competition
    • Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition
    • SRBLSA Law Journal

    • Educational & Professional Development Podcast Series
    • Cora T. Walker Breakfast
    • Scholarship Opportunities
    • Member of the Month Competitions
    • NBLSA Annual Convention
    • Convention Community Service Project
    • Law Camps
  • Miscellaneous
    • $100 off with Kaplan PMBR
    • Free National Bar Association Membership
    • Discounts to various stores

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How much are dues?

Dues for the 2010-2011 academic year are $45.  

Where do my dues go?

The bulk of our dues go directly to our National Organization, which facilitates all national programs and oversees all regional programs. The remainder of our dues go to the Southern Region and Emory BLSA.  

Can't I just pay to join Emory BLSA without joining NBLSA and SRBLSA?

You can be a non-dues-paying Emory BLSA member or a full dues-paying Emory BLSA-NBLSA-SRBLSA member. In either case, you can always make monetary contributions to BLSA's programming throughout the year.  

How do I pay?

Cash is preferred, but we also accept checks made out to "BLSA." Sorry, we are unable to accept credit cards.

Who do I pay?

Cash payments must be handed directly to Holly Sheffield or Elizabeth Hall. Checks can be placed in Holly's 2L mailfile or delivered in person. 

Is there a deadline to pay dues?

Emory's due date is October 1, 2010. NBLSA charges late registrants a $15 fee per member.

I'm ready to join! How do I do it?

Complete the membership form here. You will not be able to pay online, so don't forget to pay your dues after you complete the form.