Outline Bank

Each year, BLSA collects outlines to add to our outline bank. BLSA depends on you to keep its outline bank up to date. This is the official home of the BLSA Con Law Outline. We don't know who started it, but we're glad they shared it...

The outline bank is only available to dues paying members during the school year. Members are permitted to download digital copies of outlines or borrow hard copies (if available) from our BLSA Lending Library on a first-come first-served basis. 

We do not have all classes/professors, so check our inventory to see if we have what you need. Dues paying members will be given access to the outline bank.


How Can I Donate?

Email your outlines to emoryblsaacademics(at)gmail.com.

If you have an outline that is only available in hard-copy, please contact Kinda Abdus-Saboor, the Academic Chair, or Elizabeth Hall.


Is this the SBA Outline Bank?

This is not the same as the SBA Outline Bank. Some students choose to send their outlines to both banks or only one. The choice is yours.