Participate in Bowl-a-Thon

Join a Team

If you would like to be on a team, please sign-up here. Each team member has a minimum fundraising goal of only $100, but feel to raise more than that. It's easy to contact 10 people you know and ask for $10 each. You are also free to donate the entire $100 (or more) from your own funds.

The team captains are:

Zainab Ali

Caleb Avraham

Andrew Cooper

Ivie Guobadia

Latrese Martin

Monique McCoy-Keane

Ashley Payne

Holly Sheffield

Michael Smith

Zainab Wurie


What do I need to do after I join a team?

After you join a team, contact your team captain and s/he will give you all the information you need.  You can also get all of the documents below.


Why are we doing this?

Click here to find out more about the purpose of the Bowl-a-Thon.


Sample Fundraising Blurbs

Click here for quick ways to contact your family and friends.


Fundraising Documents

Team Captain Documents (ALL)

Participant Documents (ALL)

Individual Documents: