Rank Choice Voting

Rank Choice Voting: What is it?

This fall SBA is implementing a change in the voting system that was approved last year.  Instead of having an election and a runoff election, we are going to have an "instant runoff."

When you fill out the ballot, you will have the option of voting for your first, second, third, or fourth choice!  You can rank as many (or as little) candidates as you wish.  If a runoff is needed - meaning no candidate has the required majority of votes - then we can use this data to conduct an instantaneous runoff. 

Instead of asking voters to vote a second time for their favorite candidate remaining, we look at the choices that the voters left on their ballot.  If the voter's first choice remains, then his vote counts for his first choice.  If the voter's first choice is not in the runoff, then his vote counts for his second choice.

It's as easy as ranking 1-2-3!  If, however, you have any lingering questions, feel free to contact the two SBA Justices, Andrea Arias and Jack Figura.