Child Rights Project

L-R, back row: Audrey Biggerstaff, Lauren McAuley, Rachel Belcher. Front row: Robert Chan and Amanda Siefman.

The Child Rights Project trains student lawyers to advocate for the interests of children and youth in cases coming before the Supreme Court of the United States. Its mission is to seek out cases in which children’s rights may be overlooked. The Child Rights Project is directed by L.Q.C. Lamar Professor Barbara Bennett Woodhouse. Its first project was writing an Amicus Brief on the Affordable Care Act in the 2011 Term.  In the 2012 Term it coauthored briefs providing the voices of LGBTQ youth in the two marriage equality cases and advocating for children's rights in an Indian Child Welfare Act adoption case.

Students involved in OT 2011 Briefs:

  • Rachel Belcher 13L
  • Audrey Biggerstaff 13L
  • Robert Chan 12L
  • Lauren McAuley 12L
  • Amanda Siefman 13L 

Students involved in OT 2012 Briefs:

  • Brian Kaufman 14L
  • Ola Mohamed 14L
  • Margaret Riley 14L



L.Q.C. Lamar Professor of Law Barbara Bennett Woodhouse discusses the Child Rights Project.