Faculty Profiles

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Robert B. Ahdieh
Contracts, Comparative Law, International Trade Law, Emerging Markets Law, Russian Law
Frank S. Alexander
Property, Real Estate Sales and Finance, State and Local Government Law, Law and Theology, Federal Housing Policies and Homelessness
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im
Human Rights, Comparative Law and Islamic Law
Thomas C. Arthur
Antitrust, Civil Procedure, Administrative Law
Laurie Blank
Director, International Humanitarian Law Clinic
Dorothy A. Brown
Federal Income Tax, Critical Race Theory, Corporate Tax, Tax Policy
Michael J. Broyde
Jewish Law, Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy
William W. Buzbee
Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Land Use, Legal Methods, Seminars on Federalism and Devolution, Regulatory Reform
Lesley G. Carroll
Melissa Carter
Child Advocacy
Kathleen N. Cleaver
Slavery and the Anti-Slavery Movement
Morgan Cloud
Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Comparative Constitutional Law, Pretrial Litigation
Karen Cooper
Nancy Daspit
Mary L. Dudziak
Constitutional Law, Constitutional and Legal History, Law and War, Civil Rights History, Diplomatic History, Foreign Relations Law
Martha Grace Duncan
Criminal Law, Law and Literature, Juvenile Law, Law and the Unconscious Mind
A. James Elliott
Legal Profession, Commercial Real Estate Finance, Banking
Mark Engsberg
Director of Library Services, Hugh F. MacMillan Law Library
Martha Albertson Fineman
Family Law, Feminist Legal Theory, Sexuality and Law, Equality Theory, Women and the Law, Reproductive Issues
Richard D. Freer
Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation, Business Associations
Mindy Goldstein
Director, Turner Environmental Law Clinic
Timothy R. Holbrook
Patent Law, International Patent Law, Patent Litigation, Trademark Law and Policy, Property Law
James B. Hughes Jr.
Property, Real Estate Sales and Finance, Professional Responsibility
Michael S. Kang
Election Law, Business Associations
Aaron R. Kirk
Kay L. Levine
Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Regulation of Sexuality
Jennifer W. Mathews
Jonathan Nash
Environmental Law, Property Law, Civil Procedure, Courts and Judges
Rafael Pardo
Bankruptcy, Commercial Law
David F. Partlett
Torts, Judicial Remedies, Professional Liability
Sue Payne
Contract Drafting, Transactional Law
Jeffrey N. Pennell
Income Tax, Wealth Transfer Tax, Trusts and Estates, Estate Planning
Michael J. Perry
Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, Law and Morality, Human Rights
Polly J. Price
Torts, Legislation and Regulation, American Legal History, Immigration and Citizenship
Anne M. Rector
Director of LWRAP, Corporate Practice, TI:GER
Jennifer Murphy Romig
Teemu Ruskola
Contracts, Corporations, Chinese Economic and Business Law, Chinese Legal History, Legal Theory
Ani B. Satz
Health Law, Disability Law, Law and Philosophy
Robert Schapiro
Constitutional Law, Federal Courts, Civil Procedure
Julie Schwartz
Julie Seaman
Sarah Shalf
Field Placement
Charles A. Shanor
Employment Discrimination, Labor Law, Constitutional Law
George Shepherd
Corporate Law, Civil Procedure, Education Law, Law and Economics
Joanna Shepherd-Bailey
Analytical Methods, Law and Economics, Torts
Timothy P. Terrell
Constitutional Law, Professional Responsibility
Johan D. van der Vyver
International Human Rights, Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Public International Law
Frank J. Vandall
Torts, Products Liability
Urska Velikonja
Securities Regulation, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance
Liza Vertinsky
Intellectual Property
Alexander Volokh
Law and Economics, Administrative Law, Privatization
Randee Waldman
Juvenile Justice
Kirsten Widner
Child Advocacy
John Witte Jr.
Legal History, Religious Liberty, Marriage and Family, Human Rights
Barbara Bennett Woodhouse
Children’s Rights, Family Law, Constitutional Law
Paul J. Zwier II
Trial Techniques, Torts, Evidence, International Dispute Resolution