Professor Brown in New York Times Room for Debate: The Only Path for Elderly Citizens

President Obama put cutting Social Security benefits on the table as a means to reach a deal with Republicans on Capitol Hill. That is a very bad idea. To try to balance the budget off of the backs of our elderly would be...[more]

Professor Brown: It's Time We Learned What Members of Congress Pay in Taxes

From Forbes Magazine:  This article is by Dorothy Brown, a professor of tax law at Emory University Law School. Her article on this topic, “The 535 Report: A Pathway to Fundamental Tax Reform,” will be published later this...[more]

Professor Brown on Current Law School Rankings: We Need a New Standard

Emory Law Professor Dorothy Brown was published today in the National Law Journal, in an opinion article on how we currently assess law schools’ quality, and why a new system is needed. Here is an excerpt from her article titled,...[more]

Levine Collaborative Study Focuses on Possible Bias in Drug-Free Zone Cases

Drug-free zone laws put in place since the 1980s aim to shield the public, and especially children, from illegal drug deals and other crimes often associated with them. Those convicted of dealing in drug-free zones face much...[more]