Professor Holbrook Quoted on Whether Supreme Court Will Find Human Genes Unpatentable

“For decades, the United States has pioneered the patenting of human genes, and other countries have followed this lead. But the U.S. will soon perform an abrupt about-face, most experts predict,” Steven Seidenberg writes in a...[more]

University of Melbourne Organizes Symposium on Ruskola’s Scholarship

The Institute for International Law and the Humanities at the University of Melbourne hosted a Dec. 5 symposium on "China and the Human,” based on a special issue of the journal Social Text, co-edited by Emory Law Professor...[more]

Professor Perry Joins Distinguished Constitutional Law Scholars Letter on Filibuster Reform

A group of 10 constitutional law professors from the nation’s leading law schools presented a letter to the U.S. Senate Dec. 12, arguing that when the 113th Senate convenes next month, it has the authority to change its...[more]

Brown Tells NPR Mortgage Interest and Charitable Giving Deductions Should Go

As the so-called “fiscal cliff” nears, some previously untouchable aspects of the tax code—mortgage interest and charitable giving deductions—may be considered a little less sacred, according to a story that aired Monday in NPR’s...[more]

Professor Fineman is Visiting Professor at British Columbia’s Green College

Martha Albertson Fineman was the Cecil H. and Ida Green Distinguished Visiting Professor at Green College at the University of British Columbia this past fall. Fineman presented four lectures and workshops during her month-long...[more]

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