Real Estate

Alex M. Johnson, Jr.

Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions

A treatise.

George Lefcoe

Real Estate Transactions

A textbook.

Debra Pogrund Stark, David L. Cameron, James Geoffrey Durham, Thomas R. White

Commercial Real Estate Transactions: A Project and Skills Oriented Approach

This textbook could be used as the basis for a firm's CLE programs on real estate.

Robert M. Hardaway

Preventive Law: Materials on a Non Adversarial Legal Process

See Chapter 13.

Debra Pogrund Stark

Residential Real Estate Law: A Transactional Skills Analysis

David Crump, Davis S. Caudill, David Charles Hricik

Property: Cases, Documents, and Lawyering Strategies

Daniel B. Bogart and Celeste Hammond

Commercial Leasing: A Transactional Primer