Articles on Teaching Transactional Skills

David V. Snyder

Closing the Deal in Contracts: Introducing Transactional Skills in the First Year

Debra Pogrund Stark

See Jane Graduate: Why Can't Jane Negotiate a Business Transaction?

Tina L. Stark

Thinking Like A Deal Lawyer

Tina L. Stark

Training Junior Transactional Associates First and Second Years

Tina L. Stark

Training Junior Transactional Associates - Third and Fourth Years

Robert B. Thompson

Teaching Business Associations: Norms, Economics and Cognitive Learning

Arturo Lopez Torres

MacCrate Goes to Law School: An Annotated Bibliography of Methods for Teaching Lawyering Skills in the Classroom

Arturo Lopez Torres and Mary Kay Lundwall

Moving Beyond Langdell II: An Annotated Bibliography of Current Methods for Law Teaching

Bryn Vaaler

Bridging the Gap: Legal Opinions as an Introduction to Business Lawyering

Edith Warkentine

Why Teach Contracts Transactionally?

Edith Warkentine

Kingsfield Doesn't Teach My Contracts Class: Using Contracts to Teach Contracts

Tina L. Stark

Drafting the Consideration Provision of a Contract

Tina L. Stark

Natural Resources: Help is here for transactional training

This is a partial bibliography of materials available to teach transactional skills. You are viewing the full bibliography.

Tina L. Stark

Nonbinding Opinion: Another View on representations and warranties

This article was written in response to an article by Kenneth Adams in the previous edition. This article is cited earlier in this bibliography.

Kenneth A. Adams

Teaching Contract Drafting: The Two Elephants in the Room

Kenneth A. Adams

A lesson drafting contracts: What's up with 'representations and warranties'?

See the article that Tina L. Stark wrote in response to this article.

Thomas Adcock

Student Duo Seek to Start Legal Clinic Aiding Small Businesses at New York University

Karen Barton, Patricia McKellar, and Paul Maharg

Authentic Fictions: Simulation, Professionalism and Legal Learning

Robin A. Boyle

Contract Drafting Courses for Upper-Level Students: Teaching Tips

Daniel D. Bradlow and Jay Gary Finkelstein

Training Law Students to be International Transactional Lawyers - Using an Extended Simulation to Educate Law Students about Business Transaction

Paul Brest

The Responsibility of Law Schools: Educating Lawyers as Counselors and Problem Solvers

Louis M. Brown

Reviewing and Revising Draft Transactional Documents

Scott J. Burnham

How to Read a Contract

Scott J. Burnham

Using Contracts to Teach Practical Skills: Drafting in the Contracts Class

Seth Freeman

Bridging the Gaps: How Cross-Disciplinary Training with MBAs Can Improve Transactional Education, Prepare Students for Private Practice and Enhance University Life

Charles A. Goldstein and Sarah L. Weber

The Art of Negotiating

Eric J. Gouvin

Learning business law by doing it: Real Transactions in Law School Clinics

Robert A. Hillman

Enriching the Contracts Course

Susan J. Irion

The new classroom: Learning how to draft contracts in the real world

Francesca Jarosz

None of your business? No: Law schools need to bring their business law teaching up to date

Leigh Jones

Law School to Simulate Big-Firm Environment

Susan R. Jones

Justice, Ethics, and Interdisciplinary Teaching and Practice

Joseph Kimble

The Many Misues of Shall

Katherine R. Kruse

Biting Off What They Can Chew: Strategies for Involving Students in Problem-Solving Beyond Individual Client Representation

Charles C. Lewis

The Contract Drafting Process: Integrating Contract Drafting in a Simulated Law Practice

Charles C. Lewis

Turning the firm into a school: Help your associates learn to draft contracts - the right way

Jonathan C. Lipson

Doing deals in school: A prof talks about teaching transactional law

Anthony J. Luppino

Minding More Than Our Own Business: Educating Entrepreneurial Lawyers Through Law School-Business School Collaborations

Darhiana Mateo

When Theory meets practice: Tweaking business-law education

Robert E. Mathews

Negotiation: A Pedagogical Challenge

Robert B. Moberly

A Pedagogy For Negotiation

Denton R. Moore and Jerry Tomlinson

The Use of Simulated Negotiation to Teach Substantive Law

Eleanor W. Myers

Teaching Good and Teaching Well: Integrating Values with Theory and Practice

Lisa Penland

Warrior, Wiseman, or Hybrid?

Lisa Penland

Teaching Nonlitigation Drafting to First-Year Law Students

Diana V. Pratt

Designing a Contract Drafting Assignment

Edward Rubin

Why Law Schools Do Not Teach Contracts and What Socioeconomics Can Do About It

Peter W. Salsich, Jr.

Approaches to Teaching Contracts: A Property Law Instructor Looks at the Contract Law Course

Louis N. Schulze, Jr.

Transactional Law in the Required Legal Writing Curriculum: An Empirical Study of the Forgotten Fut

Steven L. Schwarcz

Explaining the Value of Transactional Lawyering

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