Articles on Teaching Transactional Skills

Marlene E. Barken

Integrating Contract and Property Fundamentals with Negotiation Skills: A Teaching Methodology

Dominic Bencivenga

Learning Business Skills: Where Commercial Law Theory Meets Practice

Lisa Bernstein

The Silicon Valley Lawyer as Transaction Cost Engineer?

Barbara Black

Establishing a Securities Arbitration Clinic: The Experience at Pace

Douglas A. Blaze, et al.

Bridging the Gap: A Professional Practice Skills Program for New Lawyers

Larry Bodine

Going to Sidley's Corporate College

Daniel B. Bogart

The Right Way to Teach Transactional Lawyers: Commercial Leasing and the Forgotten "Dirt Lawyer"

William W. Bratton, Jr.

Corporate Finance in the Law School Curriculum

Ralph M. Cagle

Teaching Practice Skills in Law School: The University of Wisconsin's Experience

William J. Carney

Preparing the Corporate Lawyer: Teaching Problems in Corporate Law: Making it Real

Carol Chomsky and Maury Landsman

Introducing Negotiation and Drafting into the Contracts Classroom

Phyllis G. Coleman and Robert M. Jarvis

Using Skills Training to Teach First-year Contracts

Leslie L. Cooney and Lynn A. Epstein

Classroom Associates: Creating a Skills Incubation Process for Tomorrow’s Lawyer

Lynne L. Dallas

Limited-Time Simulations in Business Law Classes

Roger J. Dennis

Commentary: The Epistemology of Corporate-Securities Lawyering: Beliefs, Biases and Organizational Behavior

Larry A. DiMatteo

Managing the Legal Factor: The Legal Implications of Business Decision Making

John F. Dolan and Russell A. McNair, Jr.

Teaching Commercial Law in the Third Year: A Short Report on a Business Organizations and Commercial Law Clinic

James A. Fanto

When Those Who Do Teach: The Consequences of Law Firm Education for Business Law Education

Victor Fleischer

Deals: Bringing Corporate Transactions into the Law School Classroom

T. Noble Foster

Interviewing, Drafting, Counseling, Negotiating: Teaching Non-Trial Skills

Mary Ellen Fox

Temple Program Leaves Ivory Tower Behind; The Transactional Program Parallels the Law School's Hands-On Litigation Training

James C. Freund

New Business Lawyers Need to Know How to Find the Deal: A Lawyer's Perspective

JoAnne D. Ganek

Successful Development for Transactional Lawyers, In-House Training: Maximizing Your Lawyers' Professional Potential

Peter J. Gardner

A Role for the Business Attorney in the Twenty-First Century: Adding Value to the Client's Enterprise in the Knowledge Economy

Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons

Teaching Intellectual Property Licensing Transactionally

Ronald J. Gilson and Robert H. Mnookin

Foreword: Business Lawyers and Value Creation for Clients

Ronald J. Gilson

Value Creation by Business Lawyers: Legal Skills and Asset Pricing

Carol R. Goforth

Use of Simulations and Client-Based Exercises in the Basic Course

David R. Herwitz

Teaching Skills in a Business Law Setting: A Course in Business Lawyering

Claire A. Hill

A Comment on Language and Norms in Complex Business Contracting

Susan R. Jones

Small Business and Community Economic Development: Transactional Lawyering for Social Change and Economic Justice

Dimitra Kessenides

Revitalizing Corporate Law Training Programs; Firms Are Starting to Bolster Lectures and Seminars with the Hands-on Training Long Favored by Litigators

Kenneth N. Klee

Teaching Transactional Law

Kimberly D. Krawiec

Building the Basic Course Around Intra-Firm Relations

Christina L. Kunz

Teaching First-Year Contracts Students How to Read and Edit Contract Clauses

Donald C. Langevoort

New Business Lawyers Need to Know How to Find the Deal: An Academic's Perspective

Frederick W. Lambert

A Preliminary Inquiry Into the Transcendence of Value Creation

Robert M. Lloyd

Making Contracts Relevant: Thirteen Lessons for the First-Year Contracts Course

Gary A. Moore and Stephen E. Gillen

Managerial Competence in Law and the Business Law Curriculum: The Corporate Counsel Perspective

Martha Neil

Teaching Transactional Skills a Must

Catherine Gage O'Grady

Preparing Students for the Profession: Clinical Education, Collaborative Pedagogy, and the Realities of Practice for the New Lawyer

Karl S. Okamoto

Learning and Learning-to-Learn by Doing: Simulating Corporate Practice in Law School

Joel Rabinovitz

Negotiation and Drafting in a Substantive Law Course in Mergers and Acquisitions

E. Michelle Rabouin

Walking the Talk: Transforming Law Students into Ethical Transactional Lawyers

Robert S. Redmount

The Transactional Emphasis in Legal Education

Mark A. Sargent

What Does It Take? Hallmarks of the Business Lawyer

Dina Schlossberg

An Examination of Transactional Law Clinics and Interdisciplinary Education

Franklin M. Schultz

Teaching "Lawyering" to First-Year Law Students: An Experiment in Constructing Legal Competence

Harvey M. Shrage

A Business Law Simulation: Principles, Process and Basic Skills

Michael R. Smith

Alternative Substantive Approaches to Advanced Legal Writing Courses

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