Contract Drafting - Textbooks

Carolyn E.C. Paris

How to Draft for Corporate Finance

This book includes general instruction on drafting and specific instruction on the drafting of corporate finance agreements. Exercises are included. Ms. Paris is a former partner of Davis Polk & Wardwell. She was also the Director of Practice Information and Professional Development at that firm.

Susan L. Brody, Jane Rutherford, Laurel A. Vietzen, and John C. Dernbach

Legal Drafting

Scott J. Burnham

Drafting and Analyzing Contracts

The Teacher’s Manual of this textbook includes an excellent bibliography of books and articles on contract drafting.

Barbara C. Child

Drafting Legal Documents: Principles and Practices

Professor Joseph Kimble of Thomas Cooley Law School is revising this book.

Michael L. Closen, Gerald E. Berendt, Doris Estelle Long, Marie A. Monahan, Robert J. Nye, John H. S

Contract Law and Practice

This first-year contracts textbook includes materials on transactions and drafting considerations.

Reed Dickerson

Materials on Legal Drafting

Out of print.

David G. Epstein, Bruce A. Markell, and Lawrence Ponoroff

Making and Doing Deals: Contracts in Context

This first-year contracts textbook is designed to provide students with an understanding of how contract law operates in the “real world.”

Elizabeth Fajans, Mary R. Falk, and Helene S. Shapo

Writing for Law Practice

Thomas C. Haggard

Contract Law from a Drafting Perspective – An Introduction to Contract Drafting for Law Students

Thomas C. Haggard

Legal Drafting: Process, Techniques, and Exercises

Howell E. Jackson, Louis Kaplow, Steven M. Shavel, W. Kip Viscusi and David Cope

Analytical Methods for Lawyers

Chapter Three offers students a practical framework for determining what kinds of provisions contracts should include, for instance, when to use a cost-plus as opposed to a fixed payment fee structure or how to formulate a contract to ensure that work is completed on time.

Peter C. Kostant

Business Organizations: Practical Applications of the Law

George W. Kuney

The Elements of Contract Drafting with Questions and Clauses for Consideration

Peter Siviglia

Exercises in Commercial Transactions

Tina L. Stark

Drafting Contracts

Robert M. Hardaway

Preventive Law: Materials on a Non Adversarial Legal Process

See Chapter 9.

George W. Kuney and Robert M. Lloyd

Contracts: Transactions and Litigation

"Although this first-year contracts casebook does not teach students how to draft, its transactional approach may be of interest to those teaching contract drafting."