Contract Drafting - Treatises

Thomas C. Haggard

Legal Drafting in a Nutshell

Kenneth A. Adams

A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting

Kenneth A. Adams

Legal Usage in Drafting Corporate Agreements

J. K. Aitken (originally written by E. L. Piesse)

The Elements of Drafting (Australian)

A new edition is being written.

Scott J. Burnham

The Contract Drafting Guidebook

Peter Butt and Richard Castle

Modern Legal Drafting—A Guide to Using Clearer Language (British and Australian)

Howard Darmstadter

Hereof, Thereof, and Everywhereof—A Contrarian Guide to Legal Drafting

Robert C. Dick

Legal Drafting in Plain Language (Canadian)

Reed Dickerson

The Fundamentals of Legal Drafting

Out of print, but occasionally available at

Elmer A. Driedger

A Manual of Instructions for Legislative and Legal Writing (Canadian)

Out of print, but occasionally available at

Cynthia L. Elderkin & Julia S. Shin Doi

Behind and Beyond Boilerplate: Drafting Commercial Agreements (Canadian)

Carl Felsenfeld and Alan Siegel

Writing Contracts in Plain English

Out of print, but occasionally available at

Charles M. Fox

Working with Contracts – What Law School Doesn’t Teach You

Bryan A. Garner

The Redbook, A Manual on Legal Style

David Mellinkoff

The Language of the Law

Out of print, but occasionally available from

Peter Siviglia

Writing Contracts – A Distinct Discipline

Tina L. Stark, ed.

Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate

Tina L. Stark

Handbook on Contract Drafting

Expected publication: 2008.

Morton Moskin, ed.

Commercial Contracts: Strategies for Drafting and Negotiating

The first volume of this two-volume treatise includes chapters on the formation of contracts, boilerplate provisions, damages, and contract interpretation. The second volume includes chapters on joint venture agreements, shareholders\\\'agreements, franchise agreements, leases, and settlements.

Continuing Education of the Bar – California

Drafting Business Contracts: Principles, Techniques & Forms

Although this treatise deals with drafting issues under California law, much of it is applicable to drafting contracts in general. It is practical and well-done – although legalese does creep into the contract provisions.

Robert A. Feldman and Raymond T. Nimmer

Drafting Effective Contracts: A Practitioner’s Guide

In addition to providing general information on the drafting of contracts, this treatise provides in depth treatment of agreements for the sale of goods and services, promissory notes, guaranties, and security agreements.

Bryan A. Garner

Legal Writing in Plain English

Part Three is devoted to contract drafting.

Peter Siviglia

Commercial Agreements: A Lawyer’s Guide to Drafting and Negotiating

This treatise discusses the business and legal issues in a wide variety of contracts in addition to providing general guidance on drafting.

Securities and Exchange Commission -- The Office of Investor Education and Assistance

A Plain English Handbook: How to create clear SEC disclosure documents.