Due Diligence

Conducting a Due Diligence Review

These training materials offer training in performing corporate due diligence. They were developed by ALI-ABA, the Practising Law Institute, and Continuing Education of the Bar (California) in collaboration with U.S. and Canadian law firms. The materials simulate a due diligence investigation in connection with the acquisition of an operating subsidiary. Lawyers review a due diligence request list, minute books, corporate stock book, and contracts. In working through the exercises, lawyers learn how to apply their analytical and reasoning skills to a due diligence investigation, as well as the salient substantive issues that should be explored in a due diligence investigation. These materials are excellent.

Gary M. Lawrence

Due Diligence in Business Transactions

Arthur H. Rosenbloom, ed.

Due Diligence for Global Deal Making

Lisa M. Brownlee

Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Corporate Transactions: Investment, Risk Assessment and Management

Westlaw: Due Diligence Resources

Westlaw has multiple databases devoted to Due Diligence. To access them, search all the databases using the term, due diligence.

Section of Business Law, American Bar Association

Manual on Acquisition Review