Center for Transactional Law and Practice

Being a deal lawyer today requires a unique blend of knowledge and skills.

Emory Law's Center for Transactional Law and Practice is at the forefront of educating students and professionals on topics related to business transactions. Students participate through Emory's Transactional Law Certificate Program, while the center offers a number of workshops and seminars designed specifically for practicing attorneys.

The Center also regularly hosts a conference for educators in the area of teaching transactional skills.

Transactional Law Certificate Program

We realize no single course can give a student all the tools she needs for practice. A deal lawyer must have a strong foundation in finance and doctrinal law and the practical skills to do the work. At Emory, we have created a rigorous, innovative transactional curriculum designed to prepare students to add value to a transaction from the day they begin working. Our curriculum is unique. It is an integrated transactional skills curriculum—a series of courses, each building on the one before. Through the Transactional Law Certificate Program, students can learn not only the law, but also the skills they need to do deal work. 

Eligibility for another certificate program, such as TI:GER, does not preclude participation in the Transactional Laws and Skills Certificate Program. Similarly, JD/MBAs who complete the Certificate Program requirements may receive a Certificate.

Professor Sue Payne is the executive director of the Certificate Program and is available to answer questions. Professor Payne can be reached at 404.727.3202 or sue.payne(at)

Student Perspective

"The law school classroom experience is often pretty theoretical, but the transactional program focused on real-world business and legal issues and taught me the practical skills I need to recognize and address those clients. The program has given me a head start as I begin my career because I now have a skill set that I would have otherwise had to learn on the job."

- Paul Puckett
Third-year student from Lebanon, Va.
Undergraduate College: University of Tennessee-Knoxville