Recent Articles

May an Orthodox Yeshiva Day School or High School Provide Parsonage to Women Teaching Judaic Studies?, 18 Ten Da'at: J. Jewish Educ. 7 (2006).

Military Ethics in Jewish Law, in JEWISH LAW ASSOCIATION STUDIES XVI: THE BOSTON 2004 CONFERENCE VOLUME (Elliot N. Dorff & Bernard S. Jackson, eds., 2007).

Just Wars, Just Battles and Just Conduct in Jewish Law: Jewish Law Is Not a Suicide Pact!, in WAR AND PEACE IN THE JEWISH TRADITION (2004) 1 (Lawrence Schiffman & Joel B. Wolowelsky, eds. 2007).

Only the Good Die Young? 6 Meorot: A Forum of Modern Orthodox Discovery (formerly Edah J.), Shevat 5767 [Winter 2006]

Orthodox Yeshivas, Female Instructors, and the Parsonage Allowance, Tax’n of Exempts, July/August 2006, at 44.

Is the Epitaph Acronym ע"ה an Abbreviation of עבד השם or עליו השלום? Acronyms and Their Expansion in Jewish Law Texts, 3 Hakirah: Flatbush J. Jewish L. & Thought 117 (2006).

The Bounds of Wartime Military Conduct in Jewish Law: An Expansive Conception, Herbert Berman Memorial Lecture 2004, Monograph, Center for Jewish Studies, Queens College, City University of New York (Flushing, N.Y.: Center for Jewish Studies, Queens College, CUNY, 2006).

2001 - 2005 Articles

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis, Stem Cells and Jewish Law, Tradition: J. Jewish Thought, Spring 2004, at 54.

Jewish Law and American Public Policy: A Principled Jewish View and Some Practical Jewish Observations, in FORMULATING RESPONSES IN AN EGALITARIAN AGE: PROCEEDINGS OF THE 13TH ORTHODOX FORUM OF YESHIVA UNIVERSITY (2001) 109 (Marc Stern ed. 2005).

Informing on Others for Violating American Law: A Jewish Law Review, 41 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y  5 (2002).

The Value and Significance of the Ketubah, 47 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y  101 (2004). (Co-author: Jonathan Reiss.)

Honesty and Analysis: A Response to Passionate Critics, Edah J., Summer 2005

Why Educate: A Jewish Law Perspective, 44 J. Cath. Legal Stud. 179 (2005).

A Jewish Law View of World Law, 54 Emory L. J. 79 (spec. ed., 2005).

Review Essay: An Unsuccessful Defense of the Bet Din of Rabbi Emanuel Rackman: The Tears of the Oppressed, Edah J., Winter 2005.

Jewish Law and the Abandonment of Marriage: Diverse Models of Sexuality and Reproduction in the Jewish View and the Return to Monogamy in the Modern Era, in MARRIAGE, SEX, AND FAMILY IN JUDAISM 88 (Michael J. Broyde & Michael Ausubel eds. 2005).

Adoption, Personal Status and Jewish Law, in THE MORALITY OF ADOPTION: SOCIAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL, THEOLOGICAL, AND LEGAL PERSPECTIVES 128 (Timothy Jackson ed. 2005).

The Covenant-Contract Dialectic in Jewish Marriage and Divorce Law, in COVENANT MARRIAGE IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE 53 (John Witte, Jr. & Eliza Ellison eds. 2005).

1996 - 2000 Articles

Fruits from the Holy Land in America: Is There an Obligation to Separate Teruma and Ma'aser?, 27 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 85 (1994); Letter to the Editor – Response, 31 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 119 (1996).

Shaving on the Intermediate Days, 33 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 71 (1996).

Cloning People and Jewish Law: A Preliminary Analysis, 34 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc'y 27 (1997)

Child Custody in Jewish Law, 37 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 21 (1999).

Blood Spots in Eggs, 40 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y  47 (2000).

Halachic Responses to Sociological and Technological Change, 39 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y  95 (2000). (Co-author: Avi Wagner.)


1991 - 1995 Articles

The Use of Electricity on Shabbat and Yom Tov, 21 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 4 (1991). (Co-author: Howard Jachter.)

Modern Technology and the Sabbath; Some General Observations, 23 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 63 (1992).

Electrically Produced Fire or Light in Positive Commandments, 25 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 89 (1993). (Co-author: Howard Jachter.)

Thanksgiving: Secular or Religious Holiday?, 30 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 42 (1995).

The Use of Elevators on Shabbat and Yom Tov, 29 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 60 (1995). (Co-author: Howard Jachter.)


1987 - 1990 Articles

Enabling a Jew to Sin: The Parameters, 19 J. Halacha & Contemp. Soc’y 5 (1990). (Co-author: David Hertzberg.)