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Analytical Methods, Law and Economics, Torts


Joanna Shepherd teaches Torts, Law and Economics, Analytical Methods for Lawyers, Statistics for Lawyers, and Legal and Economic Issues in Health Policy. Before joining Emory, Professor Shepherd was an assistant professor of economics at Clemson University. Much of Professor Shepherd's research focuses on topics in law and economics, especially on empirical analyses of legal changes and legal institutions.  She also has considerable experience researching and working on health policy issues, especially issues relating to the pharmaceutical industry.

She has published broadly in law reviews, legal journals and economics journals. Recent publications include: “Uncovering the Silent Victims of the American Medical Liability System” in the Vanderbilt Law Review; “The Partisan Foundations of Judicial Campaign Finance” in the Southern California Law Review; “The Partisan Price of Justice: An Empirical Analysis of Campaign Contributions and Judicial Decisions” in the New York University Law Review, “Products Liability and Economic Activity: An Empirical Analysis of Tort Reform’s Impact on Businesses, Employment, and Production” in the Vanderbilt Law Review, “Money, Politics, and Impartial Justice,” in the Duke Law Journal; “Tort Reform’s Winners and Losers: The Competing Effects of Care and Activity Levels,” in the UCLA Law Review; “Deterrence versus Brutalization: Capital Punishment’s Differing Impacts Among States,” in the Michigan Law Review; “Do Appointed Judges Vote Strategically,” in the Duke Law Journal;  “The Influence of Retention Politics on Judges’ Voting,” in the Journal of Legal Studies and “Tort Reform and Accidental Deaths,” in The Journal of Law and Economics. Professor Shepherd also has published in The American Law and Economics Review, The Hastings Law Journal, The Florida Law Review, The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, The Review of Law and Economics, Criminal Law & Economics, Criminology and Public Policy, Economic Inquiry, The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics and The Antitrust Bulletin. She is an author of two textbooks, The Economics of Industrial Organization and Economic Analysis for Lawyers.

Professor Shepherd has been invited to testify before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee and before the Committee on Law and Justice of the National Academy of Sciences.  She has considerable experience as an economic and statistical expert, and has authored numerous expert reports, testified at deposition and trial, and provided public policy research and white papers for many clients.   Professor Shepherd has also been invited to present her scholarly work by faculties at leading universities around the country including Stanford Law School, The University of Chicago Law School, NYU School of Law, The University of Michigan School of Law, Northwestern University School of Law, Duke Law School, Georgetown School of Law, and The University of Southern California School of Law.  She also frequently teaches economics courses to law professors and federal and state judges.

Education: PhD, Emory University (Law and Economics, and Econometrics), 2002; BBA, Baylor University, 1997


Does Capital Punishment Have a Deterrent Effect? New Evidence from Post-moratorium Panel Data
Emory University - Department of Economics , Emory University - Department of Economics and Emory University School of Law

Tort Reform and Accidental Deaths
Emory Law and Economics Research Paper No. 05-17, Emory Public Law Research Paper No. 05-29 2006

Racial Diversity, Residential Segregation, and Crime: An Industrial Organization Analysis of Racial Competition
Emory Law and Economics Research Paper No. 04-02 2004

Murders of Passion, Execution Delays, and the Deterrence of Capital Punishment
Journal of Legal Studies, June 2004

The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: Evidence from a 'Judicial Experiment'
Emory Law and Economics Research Paper No. 04-04. 2004

Are Criminals Like Us? Risk Attitudes, Sentencing Guidelines, and Increased Crime
Emory Law and Economics Research Paper No. 04-03 2004

U.S. Labor Market Regulation and the Export of Employment: Major League Baseball Replaces U.S. Players with Foreigners
Emory Law and Economics Research Paper No. 7 2003

Fear of the First Strike: The Full Deterrent Effect of California's Two- and Three-Strikes Legislation

Fear of the First Strike: The Full Deterrent Effect of California's Two- and Three-Strikes Legislation
Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 31, No. 1, Part 1 2002

Police, Prosecutors, Criminals, and Determinate Sentencing: The Truth about Truth-in-Sentencing Laws
Journal of Law & Economics, Vol. 45, No. 2, Part 1 2002


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