Professor Carney Discusses Noncompete Clauses, Upstart Companies

Professor William Carney is quoted in a December 21 Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on a startup company founder's battle with a restaurant supply’s Goliath's noncompete clause. Kirk Halpern was president of Sysco Food...[more]

Professor Bederman

Professor David Bederman is quoted in the December 23 edition of The Age (Melbourne, Australia) on Japan's plans to kill thousands of whales that migrate up and down the east and west coasts of Australia. Australia, as a...[more]

Professor Vandall Discusses Ruling Giving Officers Immunity in High-Speed Chases

Professor Frank J. Vandall is quoted in the December 7 issue of the Fulton County Daily Report regarding a ruling by the Georgia Court of Appeals that gives police immunity in high-speed chases. The 4-3 ruling means...[more]

The Christian Science Monitor Features Professor Shepherd's Death Penalty Op-Ed

The December 14 edition of the Christian Science Monitor features an op-ed by Professor Joanna Shepherd on whether the death penalty deters murders. According to Shepherd and a team of researchers at Emory University,...[more]

Professor Shanor Quoted on Acquittal of Suspected Terrorists

Professor Charles Shanor is quoted in the December 8 St. Petersburg Times on the acquittal of four suspected terrorists. Prosecutors may have thrown too much at jurors when they sought convictions on 51 counts, said Shanor, an...[more]

Witte Quoted on Evolution, Intelligent Design Debate

Professor John Witte, Jr., is quoted by the Associated Press, Cox News Service and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding an appeal of a judge’s decision to ban “evolution is a theory” stickers on textbooks in Cobb County....[more]

Professor Carney Discusses Success of Securities Law

Professor William Carney was quoted in the December 3 issue of the New York Times on the Sarbanes-Oxley securities law. Critics claim Sarbanes-Oxley has done more harm than good because it was passed precisely the way Mr....[more]

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