Professor Bederman Quoted in Article on Orkin Lawsuits

Professor David Bederman is quoted in the March 5 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding lawsuits against pest control company Orkin. Homeowners who charge the company with inadequate or unperformed...[more]

Professor Freer Discusses Natalee Holloway Case on Fox News

Richard D. Freer, Robert Howell Hall Professor of Law, was featured February 20 on Fox News network on Greta van Susteren's "On the Record." Freer spoke about a lawsuit filed by the family of...[more]

Professor Buzbee Submits Amicus Brief in Landmark Environmental Cases

Professor William Buzbee has co-authored an amicus brief in the biggest environmental law cases to come before the U.S. Supreme Court since passage of the Clean Water Act 33 years ago. Buzbee, director of the Emory...[more]

Professor An-Na'im Discusses Riots Over Cartoon of Islamic Prophet

Professor Abdullahi An-Na'im  is quoted in the February 12 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on recent riots against a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad. According to An-Na’im, an expert in Islamic law, “for African...[more]

Worthington Quoted in Article on Child Prostitution

Karen Worthington, director of the Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic, is quoted in the February 7 issue of the Rome News-Tribune  on child prostitution. While the problem is usually associated with Third World countries,...[more]

Professor Broyde Discusses Proposed School Bible Classes

Professor Michael Broyde is featured in the January 19 issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on a move by some state legislators to allow a Bible education class in public high schools. Broyde, a rabbi and expert on Jewish...[more]

Fox News: Professor An-Na'im, Moderates Fight Radicals for Religious Authority featured Professor Abdullahi An-Na'im in a December 27 article on how moderate Muslim scholars and politicians are seeking stronger religious authority. An-Na'im, an expert on Islamic law, is urging moderate...[more]

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