Wall Street Journal Features Emory Law Graduate Programs for Non-Lawyers

Emory Law Dean Robert Schapiro was quoted in a May 19 Wall Street Journal article on law schools which offer non-JD degree programs for professionals who want a general grounding in law to enhance their careers. “Pitched at...[more]

Professor Ruskola’s New Book Explores Chinese, U.S. Law

Since the Cold War, China has become a global symbol of human rights violations while the United States has emerged as the world’s chief law-enforcer and its leading law-exporter. Yet the association of China with lawlessness and...[more]

Professor Brown in New York Times Room for Debate: The Only Path for Elderly Citizens

President Obama put cutting Social Security benefits on the table as a means to reach a deal with Republicans on Capitol Hill. That is a very bad idea. To try to balance the budget off of the backs of our elderly would be...[more]

Professor Brown: It's Time We Learned What Members of Congress Pay in Taxes

From Forbes Magazine:  This article is by Dorothy Brown, a professor of tax law at Emory University Law School. Her article on this topic, “The 535 Report: A Pathway to Fundamental Tax Reform,” will be published later this...[more]

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