Woodhouse: Child’s Best Interests Should Guide Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

By Barbara Bennett Woodhouse While all eyes were focused on the marriage equality cases, the Court handed down its decision in another family law case, Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl, Birth Father and the Cherokee Nation. Baby...[more]

Shanor Finds Rulings on Harassment, Retaliation, “Clear Victories” for Employers

by Charles A. ShanorOn June 24, 2013, the Supreme Court handed down two 5-4 decisions in employment discrimination cases. The cases dealt with harassment and retaliation, two of the most active areas for charges and litigation...[more]

Court on Gene Research: “Brilliant Discovery Does Not By Itself” Qualify for Patent, Holbrook Says

By Timothy R. Holbrook In Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, the Supreme Court offered a Solomonic decision regarding whether human genes constitute patent-eligible subject matter. Specifically, the case...[more]