January 3, 2012 15:05 Age: 2 yrs

Voting Rights Act Makes GOP Redistricting Effect Minimal, Kang Says

Republican redistricting could be the death knell for white Democrats’ tenuous toehold in the Deep South, writer Joshua Miller says in a Jan. 1 CQ Roll Call story.

“As new members take the oath of office in January 2013, something unprecedented may occur: Not a single white Democrat from the Deep South could be a member of the 113th Congress,” Miller’s article begins.

Some Southern Democrats assert the GOP is manipulating the Voting Rights Act to pack blacks who historically vote for Democrats “into the fewest number of districts possible,” Miller writes.

Emory Law Professor Michael Kang says even if that were the goal, the act’s structure makes it difficult.

“Any Republican effort to pack African-American voters into a few districts—certainly there is some political incentive to do that, and I don’t think that’s any secret—is fairly well limited by the act,” Kang said.

States governed by the act, including Georgia, must have redistricting plans approved by the Department of Justice. Georgia’s plan was approved by the Department of Justice Dec. 23.

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