December 5, 2006 10:07 Age: 7 yrs

Robinson Discusses Supreme Court Cases on Voluntary Integration at Harvard Law School


On November 29, Professor Robinson participated in a panel at  Harvard Law School hosted by the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute  for Race & Justice on the cases pending before the Supreme Court  that will determine whether school districts that are no longer under  court order to desegregate may consider race when they attempt to  integrate their schools on a voluntary basis.  The panel,  entitled "Is Brown Still Relevant? The Seattle and Louisville Cases,"  examined the potential implications of the Supreme Court's decisions,  including the importance of maintaining Brown's legacy of integrated  schools and potential options for school districts if the plans in  Louisville and Seattle are found unconstitutional.  Professor  Robinson's remarks presented her analysis of the Court's options  for applying strict scrutiny in a way that recognizes  the importance of local control of public schools. She also  expressed her hope that if the plans are ruled  unconstitutional, a new generation of civil rights attorneys will  be galvanized to address the inequities in schools, health care and  other areas that adversely affect student achievement.  The  Supreme Court heard oral argument on the cases on Monday, December 4,  2006.  You may view the panel at

(Prof. Robinson's section begins ~ minute 51)

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